Vol. 4, No. 2, 2018


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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О.А. Bocharova

From multicultural society to intercultural education

Daryna Ye. Zyablovska

Essential guidelines of European education at the beginning of the 21st century

L.B. Lukianova

Analysis of educational needs of a modern teacher in the context of professional and personal development

А.А. Lend’el-Syarkevych V.І. Puyova О.А. Senyna

Pedagogical tradions of choreographic art: historical context

Т.І. Моlnar А.V. Мykulanynets

Competence approach as a direction of improvement of higher pedagogical education

Hanna V. Tovkanets

University education in the context of stable development

Oksana S. Tovkanets

Leadership concept in educational management

Oktaviia Y. Fizeshi

Archival sources about the activity of the primary schools of Transcarpathia of the second half of the ХІХ and first half of the ХХ century

Sofiya Yu. Chovriy

Organisational and Pedagogical Prerequisites for the Development of Pedagogical Education in Transcarpathia in Late XVIII – First Half of XIX Century

Tetiana K. Yarov

Partnership of school and family as a problem of pedagogical science

Katalin B. Hnatik

Historical aspects of Hungarian as foreign language teaching

Pavol Lizák

Perspectives of textile education in educational system in Slovak Republic

Renáta Orosová Katarina Petrikova Volodymyr Starosta

The level of professional-subject competencies of future teachers from the perspective of the practitioner teacher

Alica Petrasová

Ability to think critically as a determinant of the transformation of the education system and education

Éva Szabolcs

The rediscovered Prohászka Lajos

I.Z. Bopko Ivan I. Almashiy

Formation of ecological consciousness of student youth of humanitarian specialties

Nadiia Yu. Bryzhak N.D. Ostrovska O. D. Bogdanyuk

Methodological foundations of personally oriented study of students of institutions of higher education

Lesia I. Varha

Features of methodical principles of formation of socio-cultural competence of future teachers of foreign languages at the secondary level of education

S.G. Gavrishko І.І. Marionda F.V. Моroz

Problems of the readiness of future teachers to form a healthy lifestyle of junior pupils

Veronika Hasnyuk

Methodological culture of future vocal teacher: theoretical aspect

Olena M. Dobosh

Preparation of future teachers of pre-school educational institutions to professional self-development

O.M. Kasyanenko

Pedagogical conditions of readiness formation of future specialists of pre-school establishments to professional activity in terms of inclusion

N.V. Kertys E.K. Fizer

Interdisciplinary integration in the process of preparation of specialists of pre-school education

Vasyl I. Kobal Myroslava Tomashevska

Didactic potential of application of information technologies in the management of education quality on the basis of pedagogical diagnostics of educational results

О.P. Коzar Т.R. Іvancho Iryna Ye. Mayboroda

Influence of Ukrainian national costume on the formation of a student's civic identity in the process of professional training of designers

S.S. Кsenofontov

Formation of the health culture of future specialists as a pedagogical problem

T. Luzhanskaya Hanna V. Tovkanets H.I. Chubirka

Actual aspects of professional training of specialists in the sphere of tourism

V.А. Polischuk

To the problem of the essential characteristics of professional mobility of a specialist

N.M. Popovych M.S. Bilychko L.О. Behun-Тrachuk

Functional characteristics of professional and personal experience of specialist in musical art

О.Yu. Pryshlyak

Competence approach to multicultural training of specialists in the social sphere

L.I. Serman

Analysis of the level of formation of a professional image of future teachers of foreign languages (value and motivation criterion)

Marianna A. Sukholova

Peculiarities of formation of a professional image of vocal teacher in modern conditions

O.M. Khoma

Preparing the future primary school teacher for teaching the Ukrainian language: Theoretical foundations

O.I. Chekan Kh.V. Barna I.I. Lyubchenko

Types and methods of using innovative technologies in terms of modernization of educational process of higher educational establishment

Nataliia I. Cherepanya Nadiia M. Rusin

Formation of readiness of future teachers to self-education activity

Kh.V. Barna V.V. Ivanova O.M. Kasyanenko

Artistic and speech activity in the system of correctional work in overcoming speech disorders

G.F. Iltyo

Influence of political education on the formation of professional competence and political outlook of the future specialist

Myroslava M. Kachur Е.К. Kutsyn

Theoretical principles of art-therapeutic competence of a teacher of musical art

Mariia I. Kuzma-Kachur Marianna V. Horvat

Using the technology of critical thinking in the process of forming the natural competence of junior pupils

Mariia V. Lavrenova

Ways of using comics in the educational process

Nataliia V. Lalak K.V. Chekan

Peculiarities of functioning of institutions of general secondary education on the basis of inclusion

S.S. Matviychuk

Formation of artistic and constructive thinking of students at the lessons of labor education by mastering techniques of decorating folk costumes

Т.М. Моchan S.F. Yanchyshyna

Features of professional self-actualization of elementary school teacher

V.V. Sуladiy

Application of educational strategies at the lessons of a foreign language in the Hungarian-language schools of Transcarpathia

Vasyl M. Tiahur

Elements of STEM-education at the lessons of labor training in elementary school as a means of improving the quality of education

Liubov M. Fenchak Mariia I. Vasilinka Iryna Ye. Mayboroda

Active health-saving educational technologies at the lessons of "art" sphere

Kateryna Y. Fodor

The use of information technology in the process of teaching English in a secondary school

О.V. Chuprina

Methods of coherent speech development on the lessons of Ukrainian language in elementary school

Renáta Bernátová

Digital technologies - support for medical education for Roma primary school students

Veronika Kushnírová Božena Švábová

Creative teacher in an inclusive school

Oksana Lypchanko-Kovachyk

Methodologial principles of preparation to external independent evaluation in foreign language

Maia Şevciuc Otilia Dandara

Role of alternative training strategies in superior school

I.V. Golubovska V.Yu. Pidhurska

Practical aspects of the formation of speech culture of future teachers of elementary school

N.М. Lupak

Communicative competence of future teachers of art sphere as a subject of scientific research

T.P. Magdych

Essay as a lingvodidactic method for the formation of key competencies of pupils of the 10th-11th grades at the Ukrainian language lessons

A.V. Morhun

Formation of social and communicative competence in the process of student’s personality socialization

L.S. Prokopovych O.Y. Kurylo

Psychologica, pedagogical, functional and stylistic features of phraseological units of fairy-tale novels of Vsevolod Nestayko

O.M. Fentsyk

Formation of professional competence of the future head of establishment of general secondary education: communicative aspect

N.O. Hertsovska Khrystyna Vozniak

Representation of emotions in the context of modern communication

Iryna I. Rozman Kateryna M. Movchan

Biographical method for solving specific tasks of scientific and biographic research

Radoslav Rusňák

Pain and death in minimalist literary works for children in Slovak translation

Natalia V. Telychko

Goals and techniques for teaching speaking

B.V. Bystrova

Training of cybersecurity professionals: experience of the USA and Ukraine

N.І. Boksha

Educational and scientific laboratories as a form in the training specialists in the sphere of light industry in the technical universities of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

К.Ya. Labosh

Attraction of children of the Romani dimension to the educational process: Slovakia's experience

O.V. Martyn

Professional pedagogical education in European countries as an object of pedagogical research

Y.S. Тетеryuk-Кіnch

Professional training of future teachers of piano playing in the Slovak Republic

I.M. Feltsan

Development of swedish state policy in adult education

Katarzyna Jadczak

Professional development and self-education in vocational education in Poland and in Germany (from own experience)

Teresa Janicka-Panek

Key competences defined by the European Union and their inclusion in grades 1-3 of primary school in Poland

Ye.V. Nelin

The formation of psychoanalytic pedagogy in the context of metaphysyology of Z. Freud (part 1)

Tetiana D. Shcherban

Psychological peculiarities of the influence of self-assessment onto educational and professional activity

Beata V. Barchi Mahdalyna S. Barchiy

Emotional culture as a component of professional training of future teachers

V.V. Ivanova

The current state of the problem of psychological and pedagogical support of social and personal development of children of preschool age