Vol. 3, No. 2, 2017


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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N.M. Avsheniuk

Basic development stages of transnational education of the second half of ХХ century – beginning of ХХІ ct

S.M. Babiychuk

Preconditions of emergence of scientific education in the Renaissance

B.V. Bystrova

Modernization of educational program “Cyber security”: reality and prospects

R.S. Druzhenenko

System of knowledge as a result of the functioning of methodical system of education: philosophical position of an aspect

O.S. Kondur

Role of strategic educational management for development of higher educational establishment

Т.М. Моchan

Conceptual bases of preventive education in terms of reformation of present society

Renáta Orosová Katarina Petrikova Volodymyr Starosta

Opinions of future teachers on the method of micro-teaching

V.V. Papp Hanna V. Tovkanets T. Luzhanskaya

Role of the theory of tourism in the system of professional competitive knowledge

Halyna M. Rozlutska

Historical and pedagogical aspects including Greek and Roman catholic clergymen in Transcarpathia (середина ХVІІ – Поч. ХІХ ст..)

N.V. Sydorenko

Development of clubs of national minorities of Northern and Eastern Ukraine in 20-30 years of XX century as a cultural and educational establishments

I.M. Syladiy N.V. Marynets

Democartic education in terms of euro integration

T.I. Stoichyk

The essence of competitiveness as a social and economic phenomenon

I.V. Tamozhska

From the experience of selection of scientific and pedagogical staff to law faculty of Novo Russian university (second half of ХІХ – beginning of ХХ сentury)

Nadiia M. Tymkiv

Interdisciplinary approach in professional training for future petroleum engineers

Oktaviia Y. Fizeshi

Primary school of Transcarpathia in the context of education law of the Soviet period (50-90 years)

L.P. Khodanych

Teacher in the context of European decision of Ukraine

М.Т. Cherepania

Boarding-type school in the context of education law of Ukraine

Sofiya Yu. Chovriy

Development of Professional Pedagogical Education in Transcarpathia in the Light of Austria-Hungary’s Educational Legislation

A.M. Gabovda Hanna V. Tovkanets

Educational environment of higher educational establishment as a factor of culture formation of professional activity

Z.V. Hipters

Formation of business work activity and creativity of specialists in economics in terms of social and economic transformations

L.A. Zaika

Model of formation of professional competence using imitative modeling

Liubov A. Kartashova

Open e-textbook: not a distant prospect, but today's reality

Myroslava M. Kachur A.V. Poliak

Problem of training of future teachers of music art towards poly cultural education of children

О.P. Коzar Iryna Ye. Mayboroda B.B. Petrus Boguslav Vozniak

Systemic approach in methodology of training students to scientific work

Stanislav Kuchta Anna Oršuľáková Ján Benko

EduScrum as an innovative teaching method applied in the teaching process of secondary schools business in Prešov with a focus on improving the employment of the school graduate in the market works

Т.І. Моlnar

Professional improvement of primary school teacher by means of self-educational activity

Oksana S. Povidaychyk

Methodological techniques of research training of future social workers

A.S. Popova

Professional training of social workers to the work with migrants in Ukraine

Y.І. Prykhodko

Innovative policy and innovative activity in military and educational sphere

О.О. Rybchuk

Organizational and pedagogical conditions of development of professional competence of teachers of special subjects in higher educational establishments in the system of post-graduate education

К.І. Stepaniuk

Technological and projecting skills of masters of primary education : essence, state and formation directions

Natalia V. Telychko

Scientific approaches to organization of polycultural education of future teacher

O.P. Bartosh Rostyslav V. Kozubovsky F.F. Shandor

Theory and practice of training students to volunteer work with children of deviant behavior

V.V. Vorozhbit-Gorbatyuk O.M. Popovich І.І. Bretsko

Formation of the personality of the future teacher as a key condition for establishing the organization of constructive activity of children

Veronika Hasnyuk V.V. Horvat

Ethno cultural competence of future teacher of music art: essence and content

Olena M. Dobosh Vasyl I. Kobal

Content of professional training of masters of specialty “Preschool education” to managerial activity

Y.О. Dolynnyi

State of preparation of future specialists in physical education and sports for rehabilitation work with children with disabilities

V. O. Zhamardiy

Essence and content of fitness technologies at the lessons of physical training

Mariia I. Kuzma-Kachur Marianna V. Horvat

New approaches in formation of nature science competence of junior schoolchildren

O.Y. Kurylo A.V. Morhun Iryna I. Rozman

Pedagogical technologies in the context of modern education development

Nataliia V. Lalak I.M. Burch

Peculiarities of organization of education and research activity of primary schoolchildren

М.М. Marko

Pedagogical capibilities of educational and game technologies for implementation in the educational process of primary school

K.V. Mykhailova N.P. Voloshyn

Development of autonomy of children of early age as a factor of formation of an active life position of a self-developed creative person

L.O. Milto

Methodological bases of research of the ideas development of pedagogical excellence of a teacher

S.G. Pryimak

Morphofunctional support of physical efficiency of students specializing in volley-ball, biathlon, boxing

G.I. Rego

Polycultural education and formation of ethnic tolerance of children in preschool educational establishment

Myroslava Tomashevska

Subject-subject interaction in the system “teacher-student” in present educational process of higher educational institution

Kh.V. Barna V.M. Pollohi

Formation of imaginative memory by means of poetry of junior preschool age children

I.I. Vimert Т.V. Khoma

Interdisciplinary connections in the process of learning the principles of philosophic idea and Ukrainian language in college

V.I. Garapko N.I. Shebak

Ways of using QR-codes in practical training of foreign language teachers

N.O. Hertsovska Kateryna Bihar

Phraseological units in the sphere of business communication

Mariia V. Lavrenova

Social communications: theoretical analysis

V.М. Mishak Natalia V. Telychko

Formation of professionally directed socio-cultural competence of future foreign language teachers at the practical lessons of second foreign language

M.N. Pauk

Limiting functions of locative case in Ukrainian proverbs

V.I. Popovych

Formation of speech culture of future specialists of tourism service in professional training

Iryna I. Rozman

Conceptual and categorical apparatus of pedagogical terminology

L.V. Ruskulis

Intellectual abilities of a future teacher of Ukrainian language as a result of successful educational and professional activity

O.M. Khoma

Modern lesson of the Ukrainian language in primary school

N.І. Boksha

Experience of professional orientation of the youth of engeneering specialities in countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Vasyl I. Kobal

Peculiarities of management and organization of educational process in universities of Hungary in 60-s of XX century

Y.M. Kobiuk

Australian qualifications system for the training of future primary school teachers

О.М. Labinska

Ecological education in the Slovak Republic in the context of standard and law support

N.V. Paziura

Peculiarities of training of Philosophy Doctors in foreign countries

V.A. Papushyna

Experience in formation of aesthetic culture in higher educational institutions of Poland

N.M. Seminikhyna

Socio-economic pre-conditions of the development of higher pedagogical education in Australia at the beginning of the XXI century

O.O. Terenko

Structural peculiarities of non-formal adult education in Australia at the beginning of the 21st century

Oksana S. Tovkanets

Pedagogical competence and professional readiness of education managers in European higher education

K.S. Shovsh

Implementing Teacher Information Culture as a Prerequisite for Competitiveness in the Conditions of European Integration

Katalin Pallay

Transcarpathian Student Mobility towards Hungary in the Light of the International Preparatory Institute in Budapest

I.O. Kornienko

Content of the living space in the dichotomy "external - internal"

T.V. Senko

Factors hindering the development of family psychotherapy

S.V. Starosta I.O. Kornienko

Principle correlations of person’s accepting of own elderness

Tetiana D. Shcherban

Teacher's reflection in the process of solving educational tasks

V.V. Meshko I.O. Kornienko

Psychological aspects of economic socialization of students

I.I. Sabov

Influence of mass culture on social behavior and spiritual world of the youth

L.M. Tiagur

Phenomenon of perfection in the professional activity of a college teacher