Vol. 2, No. 2, 2016


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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N.M. Avsheniuk

Теndencies of professional development of teachers in developed English-speaking countries in terms of globalization

А.А. Davydenko

Necessity of accents shift in educational process for transferring ready knowledge to development of person’ s skills

Olena M. Dobosh

The problem of formation and development of professional training of future pre-school teachers in Transcarpathia

Vasyl I. Kobal

Development of education in Hungaryі: historical and pedagogical aspect

Т.І. Моlnar

Training of future primary school teachers to development of intellectual giftedness of pupils

Oksana S. Povidaychyk

Investigating roles of social workers in the process of professional activity

V.V. Prymakova

Genesis of postgraduate education of elementary school teachers in Ukraine

I.Y. Skliarenko

Role and place of practices in professional training of specialists for Ukrainian railways in 1920 – 1960 y. of XX сentury

Sofiya Yu. Chovriy

Development of Professional Pedagogical Education in Transcarpathia (Second Half of the XVIII – Early of ХХ Сentury)

Imre Garai

Changes in the Teaching Staff of a Teachers’ Training Boarding School Between 1936- 1950

A.M. Gabovda

Socio cultural direction of foreign language training in higher institution

Kateryna Ya. Klymova

Distance learning of Ukrainian language based on system Moodle: problems and prospects

S.S. Кsenofontov

Person-oriented aspects of practical training of future specialist in educational and training process on the corresponding department

N.V. Kudykina K.A. Romanenko

Modeling of the process of professional competence formation of future primary school teachers

O.V. Maidanyk

Selection of principles and methods of formation of civil competence of future primary school teacher

L.F. Kurylo

Professional and pedagogical competence of a teacher of higher institution in the context of development tendencies of modern university education

T.G. Pavlysh

Model of professional mobility development of a college teacher

L.А. Perminova

Strategies of didactic training of future primary school teacher

I.S. Synevych

Pedagogic modeling in terms of quasi professional activity

Mariia I. Kuzma-Kachur Marianna V. Horvat

Training of future primary school teacher to subject-subject interaction with pupils at the lessons of nature study

Mariia V. Lavrenova Natalia Lavrenova

Formation of primary school children’s economic competence in the course of study "interersting economy"

L.S. Nos Y.T. Savka

Problems of training of teachers in modern pedagogics

O.M. Pynzenyk

Formation of professional competence of future specialists of pre-school education in the process of learning of nature cycle disciplines

Iryna I. Rozman

Breeding of creative abilities: constructive approaches in terms of competence formation of personality

Vasyl M. Tiahur

Work with wastes as a way of stimulation creative activity of primary pupils

Liubov M. Fenchak Т.Е. Shpenyk

Preventive educative environment of school as a basis of social security of the youth

O.M. Khoma

The role of literary reading lessons in the education of humane personality

Nataliia I. Cherepanya

Pedagogical aspect of national education of pre-school age children

M.V. Shvardak

Academic lecture in the system of professional training of up-to-date specialist

I.V. Shevchuk

Training of future teacher to the use of graphical schemes of complicated problems for the development of students' thinking at the lessons of mathematics in elementary school

Oksana Lypchanko-Kovachyk

Scientific basis of implementation interactive technologies in school

Mariia I. Vasilinka Nataliia V. Lalak

The role of classroom work in the formation of professional communication of future primary school teachers

O.L. Vernygora

Formation of lingvo country study competence of teachers of Ukrainian language and literature based on competence approach

N.М. Laschuk

To the problem of media competence as a result of media education

A.V. Morhun

Lingvo didactic aspect of anthropocentric paradigm of language study

Halyna M. Rozlutska

Problem of moral ideal on the pages of clerical and literary periodical "Lystok"

Natalia V. Telychko

Cultural approach as a basis of formation of linguo cultural competence

Hanna V. Tovkanets

Ethic culture in professional training of future teachers of primary school

O.M. Fentsyk

Formation of skills of future specialists in primary education to investigate language peculiarity of the work of art

N.І. Boksha

Peculiarities of training of specialists of light industry in higher institution of Czech Republic and Slovakia on the modern stage

V.I. Garapko

Open University and its role in the development of primary school teacher’s education in Great Britain

М.І. Кliap

Realization of European approaches in reformation of Ukrainian education: precise results in action

V.М. Mishak

Practical aspects of training future foreign language teachers in Austria

Olena O. Popadych

Role of law education of students in academic mobility as integrated process in the sphere of education

N.M. Popovych

Permanent professional training of a music teacher in the Republic of Poland

Oksana S. Tovkanets

Problem of professional improvement of the heads of educational establishments in activity of international organizations

Ivan I. Almashiy

Social nets as a means of formation of ecological culture of the youth

L.I. Berezovskaya І.Z. Greba

Adaptation of students to the study in higher educational establishment

А.Т. Boiko Е.Т. Solomka

Professional self determination and adaptation of young teachers

Yu.M. Karandashev

Sources of developmental psychology in the work «About soul» by Аristotel

I.O. Kornienko

Correction of coping behavior from the point of view of “situation” concept in psychology

L.M. Tiagur

Laughing therapy as a means of emotional and personal development of senior pre-schoolers

O.S. Yurkov Е.S. Lytko

Phenomenon of cotton up in pre-school age

Mahdalyna S. Barchiy

To the problem of formation psychological culture of a teacher

L.I. Berezovskaya Т.S. Коnts

Psychological readiness of students to solve conflicts

V.S. Varga О.V. Hrytsovliak

Problem of professional formation of future teachers

V.V. Ivanova

Psychological conditions of development of creative competitive personality of a student

О.А. Коmar

Organization of training lessons for mastering interactive technologies students

М.V. Pustovoit

Personality safety as a basis of social maturity