Vol. 1, No. 2, 2015


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Tetiana O. Atroshchenko

The development of art-speech activity among pre-school children in kindergartens

S.Ye. Luparenko

Activity of public companies with social and cultural maintenance of children in Ukraine (the end of the XIX cent. - beginning of the XX cent.)

G.I. Rego

The influence of the activity of unions and organizations to spread pre-school institutions in Transcarpathia (late XIX - early XX cent.)

V.V. Shust`

Determinants of social and political values of Ukrainian society

Hanna V. Shcherban

Problem of readiness for pedagogical activity

G.V. Boryn

Vocational training of students for educational and consultative interaction by means of teaching practice

V.V. Vorozhbit-Gorbatyuk O.M. Popovich

Components of future educators’ readiness for organization of constructive activity of pre-school children

O.G. Zhdanova-Nedil`ko

Organization productive academic cooperation in the study educational disciplines

A.O. Kravchenya

Quality management of training of future teachers of computer science as a pedagogical problem

А.І. Pavko L.F. Kurylo

Theoretical and methodological determinants of high school pedagogics as a science and art

Liubov M. Fenchak

Pedagogical features of the development of ecological culture among students in universities

N.Y`. Cyrkunova D.V. Petrov

Psychosemantic approach as a method to identify the content of educational motivation of students in higher education establishments

I.V. Gyrka

Professional competence of future teachers of computer science in the context of the modernization of pedagogical education

Myroslava M. Kachur

Implementation of life-creative ideas of pedagogy in the context of the humanization of the content of training of future teachers of music

K.L. Krutij

The problems of monitoring the implementation of preschool education and the ways of their solution

I.V. Morkvyan

Essence and types of intellectual skills

A.V. Selezn`ova

The symbolic meaning of the ornament of Podillya towel

I.B. Stecenko

Organization of interactive and project activity of preschoolers and younger pupils by means of information and communication technologies

Hanna V. Tovkanets

Role-play game as a modeling and simulation of professional activities of training future specialist

Kh.V. Barna

Experimentation as a means of organization of children’s activity in kindergartens

Rita Fóris-Ferenczi

Influencing the pedagogical paradigm on evaluation

Mahdalyna S. Barchiy

Psychological and pedagogical aspects of the acquisition of communicative skills by future teachers

I.P. Drozdova

Formation of professional identity in the process of teaching students non-philologists of professional speech in high school

Piroska Demény

Reading preferences and attitudes to reading of fourth grade students in Cluj-Napoca

Iryna V. Kozubovska O.Ya. Stojka

Transformation processes in modern US high school

T.V. Komar

Substantial factor of professional maturity of future specialist

N.V. Paziura

Features of training specialists with secondary qualifications in the USA

Yuliia O. Bokhonkova

Psychological features of anticipatory strategies of individual’s behavior

V.S. Varga

The procedure and methods ethno-psychological factors of adaptation of the child to the school environment

D.T. Goshovs`ka

Feminine self acceptance: basic postulates

B.B. Shapovalov

The system of self-defense and survival as the means of the formation of senior pupils’ readiness to the behavior in extreme situations

Tetiana D. Shcherban A.V. Ternovaj

Psychological features of the formation of resilience in adolescents from single-parent families

Olena F. Volobueva

Effective Teaching Foreign Language Reading of Future Specialists: Psychological Aspect

O.Ya. Goshovs`ka

Essential specificity and differentiation of psychological defense mechanisms of personality

Maryna O. Martsenyuk

Peculiar features and psychological nature of evaluative attitude to healthy lifestyle

Yu.O. Myxal`chuk

Greening of public consciousness and the formation of creative potential of students’ personalities

Yu.O. Myxal`chuk

Development of professional thinking and consciousness in the professional development of future managers

Natalia Shevchenko

Structural content analysis of professional consciousness

I.I. Shtykh

The capacity for empathy as a component of psychologist’s professional abilities

T.Yu. Yamchuk

Integration of logic levels in the process of professional identity of future psychologists