Vol. 4, No. 1, 2018


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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N.M. Avsheniuk

Adult education centres in USA and Japain: typology and functioning peculiarities

А.М. Boykо N.М. Demyanenko

Tutoring as the model of partner relations teacher-student

Y.О. Dolynnyi

Impact level of experimental and general educational programmes onto the markers of motivating and cognitive criterion of readiness of future specialists in physical training to rehabilitation work

V.V. Krasnogorska

Student community as the factor of formation of social activity of the youth

Olha S. Kukharchuk

Cultural connections of the Transcarpathian people with the population of Ukrainian regions: literacy, birth of historic knowledge, education

М.О. Lakatosh

Historyography of the problem of development of higher agricultural education in Ukraine (middle of ХХ сentury – beginning of ХХІ сentury)

G.М. Padalka

Music education: aesthetic measures of improvement

V.V. Papp О.V. Kasynets G.V. Оlshakovska

Development of tourist praxeological science

А.І. Popova

Training of light industry specialists in European countries: bibliographic dimension

V.V. Prymakova L.V. Khodakovska

Characteristics of key concepts of investigation of the problem of development of pre-school education in the South of Ukraine

Halyna M. Rozlutska

Role of greek and catholic church of Transcarpathia in formation of national consciousness of Ukrainian people (1771 – 1867)

Maryna I. Sofilkanych

Problem of aesthetic education of the youth in social institutes of Transcarpathia in the first half of ХХ century: historical review

V.І. Тkachenko

Development of language education in schools of Ukraine (80-s of ХХ сentury)

Hanna V. Tovkanets T. Luzhanskaya V.Y. Derkach

Role of tourism pedagogics in development of tourism knowledge

М.V. Cherepanyn

Artistic palette of cultural life of Stanislavov (Іvano-Frankivsk): historical context and musical professionalism of present days

М.Т. Cherepania

Institutions of boarding school type of the beginning ХХ century in historical and pedagogical studios of Transcarpathia

Sofiya Yu. Chovriy

Tendencies of training teachers of primary schools in Transcarpathia in late XVIII – the first half of XIX century

Jan Sikora

Economic education as part of integrated education

D.І. Andrushek

Formation and development of the department «Artistic ceramics» (from the Uzhgorod Arts and Industrial College to the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts): personality and organizational aspect

Mahdalyna S. Barchiy

Terms of formation of creative activity of future specialists

I.V. Voytanik

Conditions of formation of English language discourse in writing by students economists – internationalists

І.Y. Galuschak

Preparation of future economists to the law support of professional activitiy

Olena M. Dobosh

Professional training of future teachers of pre-school pedagogics in the context of teaching practicing

S.О. Zelinska

Abilities of the use of technologies of augmented reality in informational and educational environment of higher educational establishment

N.S. Кampov О.V. Kasynets O. Masligan L.І. Меdvid

Еcological and educational activity by means of ecoturism

S.S. Кsenofontov

Іnformation-communicative technologies in optimization of training of present-day specialist in education

G.І. Lysenko

Psychological and pedagogical aspects of professional training of masters of technic profile

N.І. Machynska

Diversification of the content of pedagogical training of specialists for primary education

A.K. Mykulina

Development of aesthetic culture of future teachers by means of fine arts

K.V. Mykhailova N.P. Voloshyn

Effectiveness of individual work of students in the process of theoretical and practical training of specialists of pre-school education

Т.І. Моlnar

Pedagogical mastery of primary school teacher: essence, ways of formation

G.G. Khlypavka

Pedagogical conditions of formation social competence of future officers of Civil Defence Service of Ukraine in the process of professional training

Nataliia I. Cherepanya Nadiia M. Rusin

Psychological and pedagogical conditions of development of moral position of pre-school teacher in the process of self-education

Kh.V. Barna O.I. Chekan

Use of traditions of native land in breeding civil qualities of children of senior pre-school age

І.Z. Zadorozhnyi О.О. Коrolenko

Educational and artistic specificity of piano works of V.F. Теlychko

О.А. Коmar

Essence of interactive technologies in professional training of future primary school teachers

Т.О. Меdvid

Relative system of sommization as a factor in raising the level of school music education

F.V. Моroz

Basic tasks of physical education in development and growth of children considering age peculiarities

І.P. Repko V.І. Оdarchenko О.V. Іlchenko

Social feeling as the part of socialization of student youth

G.S. Ruda

Меthods, techniques, forms of development of musical skills of primary schoolchildren in the process of playing activity

Siao Tsiatsiun

Step-by-step methodology of the musical and listening culture of adolescents by means of multimedia

Natalia V. Telychko V.V. Hrytsko

Specific functional significance of the law culture of junior pupils

Hanna V. Tovkanets О.М. Liba

Educational aspects of the content of math lessons in elementary school

O.M. Khoma А.М. Huchkanyuk

Non-standard lesson іn primary school: modern approaches

М.Y. Chovriy К.І. Burman

Pedagogical practice in the system of professional training of future specialists in musical art

Tetiana М. Kravchenko

Use of web-resources at English language classes and forms of work with computer training programs

Nataliia V. Lalak M.V. Mishko

Training of future specialists to the use of interactive technologies in teaching junior schoolchildren

Z.М. Vakolya

Тraining tasks in development communicative competence of students – future teachers

Kateryna Ya. Klymova

Formation of Ukrainian speech culture of students on scenic speech lessons

A.V. Morhun

Lingvo didactic aspect of word-formation zoonyms in the process of teaching Russian as a foreign language

Iryna V. Morgun

Project technology as a means of realization competence-oriented approach in teaching English

L.S. Prokopovych O.Y. Kurylo

Peculiarities of appealing action in communicative discourse

M.M. Sidun Iryna V. Morgun

Problems of organization of extra-curiculum study of foreign language

Natalia V. Telychko V.F. Kotubei

Pedagogical essence of communicative culture of future teachers of elementary school in psychological and pedagogical researches

Hanna V. Tovkanets

Language education in the structure of training of future primary school teacher

O.M. Fentsyk

Content and structure of lingvo methodic competence of the future teacher of elementary school

Т.V. Khoma

Communicative competence, its components

І.V. Cheypesh М.І. Kukhta

Foreign communicative culture of modern teacher in realization of tasks of the concept «New Ukrainian school»

I.Z. Bopko

Peculiar features of foreign language training of the future non-philological specialties teachers

K.T. Konchovych

The main requirements to theoretical and practical qualification of a future foreign language teacher

Oksana Lypchanko-Kovachyk Nataliia V. Martyn

Methodological basis of organisation dialogical and pedagogical communication in the process of training future foreign language teacher

О.І. Bezlyudnyi О.S. Коmar

Post-graduate education and qualification increasement of English language teachers in countries of European Union: factors and tendencies of development

N.V. Bkhinder

Іmplementation of organizational and pedagogical teachnologies in the process of professional training of frontier guards in India

Z.Y. Gnativ

Modern trends in the development of aesthetic education in the Ukrainian and European educational space

B.B. Panchuk

Role of a teacher‘s assistant in inclusive class: Ukrainian and foreign experience

N.O. Postryhach

Мechanisms of social partnership in education of adults in Greek Republic

О.О. Samokhval

Features of the professional training of future specialists in the national educational system of the Principality of Liechtenstein

Renáta Orosová Volodymyr Starosta Katarina Petrikova Lucia Diheneńčíková

Psychological and pedagogical training of future teachers (on the example of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Slovak Republic)

Teresa Janicka-Panek

The idea of self-education in pre-school education and early і in Poland (from theory and practice)

S.G. Gavrishko O.O. Malets

Characteristics of motives for physical exercises of junior pupils

B.І. Кuzmyk L.I. Berezovskaya

Psychological principles of the study of the vitability of the individual

Tetiana D. Shcherban

Psychological peculiarities of tolerance in pedagogical communication

Beata V. Barchi

Crisis of professional formation of a person

L.I. Berezovskaya Y.М. Маtelega

Socio-psychological rehabilitation of people who suffered from hostilities

V. Shtifurakh V.S. Shtyfurak

Psychological assistance in overcoming communicative barriers of future managers