Vol. 6, No. 1, 2020


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Halyna M. Lialiuk

Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Professional Identity Development of Future Social Educators in the Process of Preparation for Guardianship and Educational Activities

Oksana S. Tovkanets

Scientific and Methodological Support of Self-Educational Activities of Teachers in Preschool Education Institutions

Tetiana O. Atroshchenko Anhelina V. Almashi-Kopyn Lesia A. Bespalko Olena V. Bilyk

The Essence of Cultural Competence of Future Primary School Teachers

Nataliia V. Bakhmat

Subject Properties of the Future Teacher in the System of Professional Training

Katalin B. Hnatik Kateryna M. Lizak

Pedagogical Conditions and Structural and Functional Model of Developing the Professional Identity of Future Foreign Language Bachelors

Nataliia V. Lalak Mariana V. Hrab

Current Trends in Norwegian Education Reform

Iryna V. Kozubovska Larysa Yu. Sidun Zoriana I. Mygalyna

Multicultural Training of Teachers for Schools and Preschool Educational Institutions in the United States

Halyna V. Prystai

Features of the Development of Written Competence in the Process of Training an English Teacher

Olena M. Dobosh

Development of Tolerance as a Professionally Important Quality of Managers in Preschool Educational Institutions

Iryna M. Kozlovska Myroslav F. Kryshtanovych Iryna S. Myskiv Mahdalyna V. Opachko

Methodological Approaches and Didactic Competence of a Modern Physics Teacher

Mariia V. Lavrenova Kateryna Y. Fodor

Pedagogical Conditions and Structural and Functional Model of Development of Socio-Cultural Competence of Future Foreign Language Bachelors Based on Interdisciplinary Integration

Tetiana D. Shcherban Hanna V. Shcherban

Psychological Features of Forming the Life Prospects of First-Year Students

Mariia V. Tsurkan

Interactive Methods of Teaching the Ukrainian Language to Foreign Medical Students

Liudmyla I. Berezovska

Development of Skills to Listen to the Interlocutor in the Process of Future Social Workers' Communication and Speech Training

Lesia I. Varha Nataliia V. Martyn

Criterion Approach to the Development of the Communicative Culture of Future Teachers by Means of Interactive Technologies

Tamara I. Bondar

Comparative Analysis of the Development of Inclusive Teacher Education System on the Example of the USA and Canada

Oksana L. Protas

Conceptualisation of the Problem of Giftedness in Foreign and Domestic Research

Liubov M. Fenchak Daryna Ye. Zyablovska

Analysis of the State of Professional Training of Future Designers in European Higher Education Institutions

Nataliia I. Cherepanya Nadiia M. Rusin

Interactive Forms of Working with Parents of Educatees in the Conditions of Modern PSI

Olha V. Litvinova Liudmyla V. Pylypenko

Empirical Indicators of Psychological Components of Self-Attitude in Men with Acquired Musculoskeletal Disorders

Liubov A. Kartashova Iryna V. Plish

Digital Agenda for the Development of Education: Focus on the Formation of Digital Competencies

Marianna I. Levrints

Organisational and Content-Based Approaches to Training Foreign Language Teachers at the US Universities

Olha M. Palamarchuk Yuliia A. Korotsinska

Technologies for the Development of Emotional Self-Regulation in Young People

Olena F. Volobueva Andrii O. Fedyk

Methodological Aspect of Future Border Guard Officers’ Professional Thinking Development

Inessa M. Vizniuk

Personal Alienation as a Factor in the Occurrence of Hypochondriac Disorders in the Elderly

Oksana P. Tsiuniak

The Essence and Structure of Professional Readiness of Future Masters of Primary Education for Innovation Activity