Vol. 3, No. 1, 2017


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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M.D. Haliv

Pedagogical reflections in historic and pedagogical narrative (on the example of scientific works of Mykola Lavrovskyi)

Z.V. Hipters

Theory and practice of economic education and financial literacy of children and grown-ups historical and pedagogical aspect

Olha S. Kukharchuk O.Y. Kurylo L.S. Prokopovych

Development of library science in Ukraine: historical and pedagogical aspect

М.І. Kukhta

Transformation of traditional model of education іn the context of educational reform

Vasyl I. Kobal

University education in Hungary after the year 1945

L.І. Nikolaenko

Increasing of professional musical and pedagogical competence of a teacher of out-of-school educational institution by organizing self education activity

Y.І. Prykhodko

Training of military specialists: systemic approach

Halyna M. Rozlutska

Scientific and pedagogical activity of clergymen in Transcarpathia (1939 - 1944)

Volodymyr Starosta Hanna V. Tovkanets

Control of students’ educational progress: motivational aspect

Oktaviia Y. Fizeshi

Social and economic causes of development of primary school in Transcarpathia: postwar period

U.V. Shcherbei

Problems of primary education in terms of rural school

Feyér Judit Petriné Edit Bodonyi

Winkler Martha School - Winkler Martha's pedagogy

Nataliia V. Lalak Kateryna M. Movchan

Printed and electronic books: historical aspect

Sofiya Yu. Chovriy

"Children’s Album" by P. Tchaikovsky: Formation and Poetics of the Piano Cycle

Nadiia Yu. Bryzhak

Individual work of students as the basis of professional training of future teacher

N.O. Hertsovska Е.А. Toba

Professional competence of the university teacher as a basis for the formation of positive motivation of teaching and cognitive activity of future English teachers

І.А. Dikun

Practical training of future music teacher in the discourse of his professional and personal develop

Mykola I. Ihnatyshyn

Formation of professional competence of future financists through using innovative teaching methods

S.S. Кsenofontov

Competence training of future specialists in terms of university

V.P. Opanasenko B.І. Vovk

Information and communication technologies in the organization of individual work of the future teachers of practical training in vocational school as a cause for the formation of self-educational competence

A.V. Polianka

Іnformation technologies as a means of motivation of professional training in high school

Iryna I. Rozman O.Y. Kurylo M.V. Lutsa

Local regional direction of activities of libraries in modern conditions

M.M. Sidun

Individual work of students in learning foreign language

S.V. Steblyuk

Quasi-professional methods and tasks in the process of teaching economic disciplines in college

Hanna V. Tovkanets

Scientific approaches towards formation of pedagogical culture of a future teachers

N.I. Tovtyn

Individual work of students of pedagogical educational institutions in the context of humanization of the educational process of high school

Myroslava Tomashevska

Training of future high school teachers to professional interaction as a social and educational problem

М.Y. Chovriy

Poly aspectiveness of practical training of future specialists in music

Vasyl M. Tiahur

Paper plastic as a way of developing design skills of elementary school students

Ivan I. Almashiy

The consideration of the system’s quantitative characteristics "man-nature" in the formation of youth ecological culture

L.L. Bokotey

The traditions of decorative and applied arts as a means of artistic and aesthetic education of youth

S.G. Gavrishko

The dynamics of the overall physical readinessindices of the pedagogical faculty students in MSU

S.Yu. Dobosh

The peculiarities of music influence on the formation of the students outlook

G.F. Iltyo

The impact of value orientations on the formation of the specialist professional competence

K.T. Konchovych

Key aspects of the future foreign language teachers training to pedagogical communication

Mariia V. Lavrenova

The work on words by using modern teaching approaches at classes in the primary school

Maryna O. Martsenyuk M.P. Muravyova

On the issue of patriotic education implementation in schools

Т.М. Моchan

Professional mobility and its influence on the specialist’s personal development

S.A. Nychkalo

The peculiarities of pupils’ artistic tastes formation in fine arts and architecture

N.F. Popovych

The peculiarities of Lesia Ukrainka works’ studying at the primary school

V.V. Prymakova

The ecologization of the primary school education

Nadiia M. Rusin V.M. Pollohi

The forms of joint kindergarten and family work on the issue of children’s mathematical development

O.I. Chekan

The formation of information and computer literacy at the preschool age

Natalia V. Telychko

Motivating learners

O.V. Diadchenko

Foreign language training of non-philological specialties students based on communicative and cognitive approach

Nataliia V. Martyn

The motives content of training and professional activity of future English teachers

L.S. Prokopovych A.V. Morhun

Pedagogical orientation on the works of Ivan Franko about children

I.M. Feltsan

The peculiarities of foreign language competence formation in the education of adults

O.M. Khoma

Spelling exercises as a method of formation spelling skills

Т.V. Khoma

Organization of students individual work at the Ukrainian language classes in terms of college

Nataliia I. Cherepanya

The impact of small folklore genres on the development of speech skills and abilities concerning preschool children

V.М. Mishak

Peculiarities of future religion teachers professional training in Austria

V.А. Polischuk О.Yu. Pryshlyak A.A. Bohutska

Foreign experience of the Universities of the Third Age

N.O. Symonenko

Organization of the students’ independent work in the US universities: origins and present

Nadiia M. Tymkiv

Improving the quality of future petroleum engineers training in the context of the internationalization of the labor market

Oksana S. Tovkanets

Peculiarities of professional training in higher education establishments of Slovenia

O.S. Turok

Ecological education in the concept to constant development: educational tasks and standards of European technology

Teresa Janicka-Panek

Patriotic and European education – the task of a modern teacher

I.O. Kornienko N.O. Sofilkanych

The components of psychological readiness to family starting in the adolescence period

Maryna O. Martsenyuk O.K. Zavitaeva

The students’ value system in the condition of society transformation

O.S. Yurkov K.V. Kondrats’ka

The development of the teenager’s motivating sphere

L.I. Berezovskaya B.I. Hoshchar

Career orientation at the student’s age

Tetiana D. Shcherban I.M. Feltsan

The peculiarities of professional consciousness formation at future psychologists

O.S. Yurkov I.Y. Solomka

The syndrome of emotional burnout of medical workers