Vol. 5, No. 2, 2019.


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Vasyl I. Kobal O.O. Ostrovski

Bilingualism as a component of the modern educational system

Olha S. Kukharchuk Nataliia V. Lalak

Influence of Ukrainian emigration on the process of state formation in Transcarpathia in 20-30s of the ХХ сen. (national and cultural activity)

O.O. Malets N.B. Мalets S.G. Gavrishko

Philosophical and worldview milestones in the works of Oleksandr Dukhnovych

G. Mashika T. Luzhanskaya O. Masligan

Modern progress of geographical science trends are in the conditions of competence of studies

Hanna V. Tovkanets

Improvement of the pedagogical training of future teachers as a condition for the implementation of the European educational strategy

I.Z. Bopko A.V. Morhun

The formation of the professional competence of the future foreign language teacher in the course of latin language study

Veronika Hasnyuk Olesya Bodnar

Pedagogical conditions for the formation of vocal and pedagogical competence of a future teacher of musical art

L.I. Dovhopola

Interviews as an interactive method of professional training of students-biologists in the process of pedagogical practice

V.А. Polischuk

Formation of professional and pedagogical culture of future specialists in social work

О.Yu. Pryshlyak

Intercultural competence of future professionals in the context of leading theories of intercultural interaction

L.S. Prokopovych

Formation of orthoepic and accentuation competence of students of higher educational establishments in the course of discipline study «Ukrainian language of professional sphere»

І.М. Shkyrta V.F. Lazar

Information technologies and means of their implementation in higher education institutions

Alla Mykhailivna Dudash

Improvement of conducting skills of higher education institutions students with a bachelor’s degree

Myroslava Tomashevska

The research of the readiness level of future teachers to professional interaction in the conditions of master degree

L.V. Zdanevich O.M. Popovich

To the issue of personal development of early children in a sensory enriched environment

Е.К. Kutsyn

Fairytale therapy in the aesthetic development of a child with speech defects

Mariia V. Lavrenova Nataliia V. Lalak V.S. Peniak

Intersubject connections at the lessons in elementary school: practical aspect

N.S. Oleksiuk

Social support for parents of children with special needs as an urgent issue

Y.Y. Polischuk

Features of social education in children's public associations

M.V. Shvardak

Team building technology in terms of general secondary educational establishment

Oksana Lypchanko-Kovachyk Nataliia V. Martyn

Dynamism of the notion of grammar

A.V. Morhun І.І. Bretsko

Linguididactic interpretation of language communication theory

I.M. Feltsan V.I. Garapko Diana Malinovska

Comprehension of culturally marked lexis through genuine text reading

Tamara I. Bondar

Modernizing the educational system in the USA and Canada: a comparative study

G.І. Slozanska

Organization of inclusive education in higher education institutions of the Northern and Southern America

O.V. Martyn

Pedagogical practices as a condition for the professional development of a future teacher in Sweden

O.S. Turok

Environmental education in non-formal education in the Slovak Republic

V. R. Oleksyuk

Models of psychological and pedagogical assistance to children with autism spectrum disorders

Tetiana D. Shcherban V.V. Goblyk Hanna V. Shcherban

Psychological features of educational motivation of teenagers

Ivan I. Almashiy

Psychology of innovation management using information and communication technologies in the activities of environmental public organizations

L.I. Berezovskaya

Professional burning as a subject to research labor psychology

V. Shtifurakh

Psychological determinants of health in the value system of future lawyers

Nadiia M. Tymkiv

Role of staff in ensuring environmental safety in the petroleum industry