Vol. 7, No. 1, 2021


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Liudmyla I. Mahdysiuk Violeta B. Demchuk Bohdana V. Pavlova

Modern Approaches to the Prevention of Deviant Behaviour in the Activities of Psychological Services

Yevheniia Yu. Lyndina Oleksandr V. Kozynets

Retrospective of Providing Assistance to Children with Various Developmental Disabilities in Ukraine: X-XX Centuries

Marianna V. Horvat Mariia I. Kuzma-Kachur

Professional Activity of an Elementary School Teacher with Students of the Alpha Generation

Tetiana O. Bodnar

Motivational Components of a Blended Learning System for Teachers and Students

Viktoriia V. Podhorna Iryna D. Smoliakova

Analysis of the Effectiveness of Physical Education Lessons in Special Medical Groups

Lilya O. Zub Stanislav V. Roborchuk Inna O. Buzdugan

Pedagogical Theory and Personality Development During Distance Learning Among Medical University Students

Lesia V. Kravchenko

Development of Noxological Culture in Students Teaching Occupational Safety and Health in Pedagogical Institutions of Higher Education

Iryna V. Vlasiuk

Difficulties in the Development of English-Language Competence in Reading in High School Students of General Secondary Education

Oleksandra O. Kohut

Interpretation of the Category of Stress Resistance in Psychology

Svitlana V. Pokrova

Conceptual Model of Development of Assessment Competence of Primary School Teachers in the System of Postgraduate Education

Tetyana M. Sobchenko

Development of Digital Competence in the Training of Future Teachers in Ukraine and China

Nataliya Yu. Kondratenko Hanna V. Marchenko Svitlana O. Stezhko

Psychological and Pedagogical Principles of Development of Communicative Competence of Future Journalists Based on Linguoculturology

Victoria V. Kondratenko Ihor A. Zaitsev Vladimir A. Lyubimov Liudmyla V. Homon Tetyana O. Pavlun

Motivation of Students upon Physical Education at the University of Customs and Finance