Vol. 6, No. 2, 2020


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Sergii S. Puhach Sofiia V. Dembitska Iryna M. Kobylyanska

Improving the Organisation of Independent Work of Students of Higher Education Institutions in a Distance Learning Format

Liubov M. Shtompel

Individual-Typological Features of Students’ Psychological Adaptation to the Preparation of External Independent Assessment

Oleh V. Sukhovirskyi Nina O. Liakhnovych

Analysis of the Results of Using the Means of Organisation of Distance Learning when Training the Future Primary School Teachers under the Conditions of Quarantine

Natalia A. Оliinyk

Self-educational Competence as an Integral Part of the Professional Competence of Future Agricultural Students

Іryna H. Makovetska

Features of Distance Vocal Training in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Psychological and Pedagogical Aspects

Oksana P. Shchotka

Theoretical Aspects of the Study of the Transformational Potential of Parental Loss for Middle-Aged Adults

Olha P. Shevchuk Natalia P. Yaroshchuk

Theoretical and Methodological Model of the Influence of Mindfulness Practices on the Teacher’s Personality

Olena F. Yatsyna

Discourse of Sexuality as a Way of Signifying Practices and Identities

Alla V. Kozhevnikova Natalia V. Merkulova

Fundamentals of Socio-Cultural Environment in Managing the Development of Multicultural Competence of Teachers

Anna V. Fastivets

Educational Conditions of Training Future Physical Therapy Specialists for the Use of Health-Preserving Technologies

Svitlana S. Kostiuk

Development of Intercultural Communicative Competence of Future Specialists in the Field of Information Technologies in the Process of Foreign Languages Learning

Oleksandra O. Kohut

The Concept of Integrative Development of the Personality's Tolerance to Stress in Systemic Discourse

Igor S. Poprotsky

Training of a Sailor in Romania and Bulgaria as a Modern Experience of Improving the Educational Process in Ukraine

Victoria V. Kondratenko Ihor A. Zaitsev Vladimir A. Lyubimov Liudmyla V. Homon Hennadii M. Chykolba

Optimisation of Physical Education in Higher Education Institutions: Monitoring of the Physical Condition of Students during Physical Education Activities

Olga Ya. Kvetsko

Pedagogical Fundamentals of Methods of Teaching Choreographic Disciplines

Larysa O. Voloshyna Inna O. Buzdugan Volodymur V. Vivsianyk Stanislav V. Roborchuk Iryna V. Prysiazhniuk

Features of Application of the Deductive Method Among Medical Students

Marianna A. Sukholova

Pedagogical Conditions for the Stage Image Formation of the Vocal Teacher in the Process of Professional Training

Viktoriia Ye. Kovalenko

Age Features of the Socialisation of Children with Intellectual Disability in Special Psychological and Pedagogical Research

Iryna M. Humeniuk

Ukrainian Language for Professional Purposes: Life Cycle of the Discipline and its Status in Modern Pedagogical Institutions of Higher Education