Vol. 7, No. 3, 2021


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Varvara P. Chernenko Olena S. Hrytsiuk Natalia H. Kyrylakha Tetiana S. Bryl

Development of Logical Thinking in Creative Computer Science Lessons Using Inventive Problem-Solving Technology

Yaroslav S. Slutskiy Colin Blanchard

Programmes for Remote Counselling of International Students in the Higher Education Institutions of the United States of America

Iryna S. Sahaidak Tetiana M. Chorna Olena O. Balahura Valentyna P. Bykhovchenko

Specifics of Distance Learning in the Modern Ukrainian Educational Space: Practices of the Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine

Maiia S. Serhiienko Volodymyr M. Liutyi Megan Wilson

Experience in Implementing Distance Learning Technologies in an International Context

Olena H. Vasylchenko

Features of the Development of Auditory and Pronunciation Skills in Online German Classes

Alla V. Kozhevnikova Natalia V. Merkulova Yuliya I. Popeleshko Natalia Ye. Rybka

Information and Communication Technologies as Components of Effective Training Forms for Higher Education Applicants

Abram Burnell Vera Pozsgay Iryna S. Kravets

Corporate Culture in Preschool Organisation Administration: European and Asian Context

Tetiana D. Shcherban І.І. Bretsko V.S. Varga

Psychological and Pedagogical Features of Training Future Psychologists

Olga O. Hreilikh Olga O. Hreilikh

Psychological Features of Pedagogical Interaction in the “Teacher-Student” System

Liudmyla I. Moroz Aleksandr D. Safin Olena O. Andrusik

Influence of Emotions on the Effectiveness of the Creative Proces

Iryna A. Gavran Rosina S. Hutsal Svitlana M. Tsaruk

Motivation as a Core Aspect of the Development of Professional Skills and Abilities in the Period of Distance Learning of Art Students

Nataliia V. Olkhova

Development of the Ideological Culture of the Future Primary School Teacher in the Conditions of the New Ukrainian School

Olena F. Yatsyna

Mobbing Syndrome as a Personality Disorder: The Consequences of Complicated Socialisation in the Symptoms of Occupational Destruction

Lesia V. Kravchenko

Combination of Conventional and Innovative Methods of Teaching Healthcare Disciplines in the Training of Future Teachers

Olena A. Miroshnychenko

Psychological Background of Age Differences in the Adaptation of Ukrainian Winterers to Living Conditions in Antarctica

Denys V. Neus Dmytro S. Shalamov

Theoretical Aspects of the Correlation of Education and Professional Sports in the Development of Information Technology