PROVISIONS on reviewing and the order of passing articles in the Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Pedagogy and Psychology Series

  1. This provision regulates the procedure for reviewing and submitting articles submitted to the Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology".
  2. The purpose of peer review is to improve the quality of scientific articles published in the bulletin by evaluating the materials by highly qualified experts.
  3. The review procedure is anonymous for both the reviewer and the authors and is performed by independent reviewers (double "blind" review).
  4. All reviewers must adhere to the requirements of ethics in the scientific publications of the Committee on Publication Ethics and be objective and impartial.
  5. Scientific articles, drawn up in strict accordance with the "Requirements for Articles", which have passed the initial control in the editorial office, are allowed for review.
  6. In compliance with the above requirements, the manuscript of the article is submitted to the technical editor.
  7. The technical editor provides the article with a registration code and removes information about the author (s) from it.
  8. The coded article is sent by e-mail to the member of the editorial board responsible for the scientific direction of the article.
  9. The member of the editorial board who received the coded article fills in the standard form and chooses one of the options of the recommendation - recommended for publication; recommended completion; not recommended for publication.
  10. In case of refusal or necessity of completion, the reviewer must provide a written reasoned explanation of the reasons for such a decision.
  11. The deadline for preparation of recommendations is within two weeks of receiving the article.
  12. Reviewers' recommendations are sent by e-mail to the technical editor.
  13. The final decision on the article is made at a meeting of the editorial board, which is held once a week with: editor-in-chief (deputy editor-in-chief), executive secretary, technical editor. The decision is made taking into account the received reviews.
  14. Further work with the article, which is accepted for publication, is carried out by the editorial staff in accordance with the technological process of preparing the issue of the newsletter.
  15. The decision of the editors is sent to the author (s). Articles to be revised are sent to the author (s) together with the text of the review, which contains specific recommendations for revision of the article. The anonymity of reviewers is guaranteed by the editorial board of the scientific bulletin.
  16. The revised version of the article is sent for re-review. In case of repeated negative review result, the article is rejected and is not subject to further consideration.
  17. The editors do not enter into discussions with the authors of the rejected articles.
  18. Reviews and recommendations for each article are stored in the editorial office in electronic form for 2 years from the date of publication of the issue of the newsletter in which the peer-reviewed article is placed.
  19. Not reviewed:
    • articles authored (co-authored) by members of the editorial board and the editorial board of the scientific bulletin;
    • articles specially written for the editorial board.