Issue 1(11)’ 2020

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology" − a collection of scientific papers, which is structured in the following areas: pedagogical theory and history of pedagogy; professionalization and diversification of higher education; personality development and educational technologies; psychological and pedagogical communication; comparative pedagogy and psychology; pedagogical and age psychology; organizational psychology and psychology of work.

UDC 37: 159.9

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Haliv M. D.

Ideas of Neo-romantism in Ukrainian history-pedagogical narrative (end of the XIXth – first third of the XXth century)

Dzvina O. Husar Larysa M. Oparyk

The Innovative Methods of Vasyl Kuflyuk in the Context of Domestic and Foreign Concepts of Musical Hearing Development

Vasyl I. Kobal Maryna I. Sofilkanych

Uzhhorod Children's School of Arts Formation and Development as an Important Center of Aesthetic Education of School Youth

Ivan I. Kushnir

Modern View on Educational Management

Halyna M. Lialiuk

The Psychological-Pedagogical Support of Development of Professional Identity of the Future Social Pedagogues in the Process of Preparation for Tutealage-Educational Activity

Mahdalyna V. Opachko Attilo I. Kovach

Professional Orientation of Students in Historical and Pedagogical Discourse

Oksana S. Tovkanets

Scientific and Methodological Support of Self-Educational Activities of Preschool Education Teachers

Oktaviia Y. Fizeshi

Retrospective of Establishment of the Primary Education Institutions in Transcarpathia (the Period of XIX-XXI Centuries): Its Preconditions, Features, Trends

Sofiya Yu. Chovriy

Avgustyn Voloshyn – the Director of Uzhhorod Greek-Catholic Chorister and Teacher-Training Seminary

Ruslana M. Sheretyuk Nadiia H. Stokolos

Artistic and Aesthetic Environment of Piarists School in Volyn (18th − the First Third of the Nineteenth Century)

Tetiana O. Atroshchenko Anhelina V. Almashi- Kopyn Lesia A. Bespalko Olena V. Bilyk

The Sence of Cultural Competence of Future Primary School Teachers

Nataliia V. Bakhmat

Subjective Properties of the Future Pedagogical Worker in the System of Professional Training

Katalin B. Hnatik Kateryna M. Lizak

Pedagogical Conditions and Structural-Functional Model of Future Bachelor’s Professional Identity Formation in Foreign Language Teaching