Vol. 5, No. 2, 2019 Part 1


ISSN 2413-3329

E-ISSN 2520-6788

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

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Liubov M. Shtompel

Individual-Typological Features of Students’ Psychological Adaptation to the Preparation of External Independent Assessment

А.М. Boykо N.М. Demyanenko

Methodology, theory, practice - unique system

Z.V. Hipters

Economic education of children and adults on western Ukrainian areas in pedagogical theory: retrospective view

G.О. Golovchenko

Historical and pedagogical analysis of development of media education

D.B. Gregirchak

Social unequliity and educational possibilities in Ukraine

R.E. Kravets

Professional image of future politologist: structural and functional model of phenomenon

T.V. Kuchinka Myroslava Tomashevska

Theoretical aspects of management study in educational establishment

А.І. Pavko L.F. Kurylo

Methodological basis of didactics of К. Ushynskyi

V.V. Prymakova

Permanent professional education of Ukraine in terms of globalized world

Hanna V. Tovkanets

Sunday schools in development of native primary education in the second half of XIX century

Nataliia I. Cherepanya

Prospects of using the retrospective of boarding schools in Transcarpathia (1901 - 1944) in the conditions of integration of Ukraine into the world educational space

Sofiya Yu. Chovriy

European music-pedagogical systems: the retrospective analysis

Oktaviia Y. Fizeshi

The influence of Soviet ideology on education in Transcarpathia

Jozef Liba

Design of health preventive competence in the teacher's professional program

Iryna I. Rozman

Historical and pedagogical science as the basis of the formation and construction of biografistics

B.V. Bystrova

Development of listening skills of students of non-linguistic institutions

S. Boyarchuk L. Stasyuk

Formation of professional competence of future professionals in the field of pre-school education in the process of teaching practicing

Lesia I. Varha V.М. Mishak Tetiana М. Kravchenko

Some peculiarities of learning German asthe second foreign language after English

S.G. Gavrishko Nataliia V. Lalak Liubov M. Fenchak

Determination of the current state of readiness of elementary school teachers to organize educational work with hyperactive students

N.S. Кampov О.V. Kasynets I. F. Schur

Educational and thematic excursions and their role in professional development of future specialists in tourism

М.S. Koval M.I. Kusiy

Formation of the intelligent culture of students – of future officers of the rescue service in the process of studying math academic subjectsr

О.М. Lazebna L.І. Bondarenko

Methodological support of realization of objectives of permanent development in professional training of ecologists

Olena V. Lopatiuk

Realization of pedagogical condition "actualization of professional reflection" in professional training of future air traffic control dispatchers

Mykhailo M. Povidaychyk

Creativity as an important factor in the competitiveness of teacher of mathematics

Oksana S. Povidaychyk А.Yu. Shtymak

Research approach as the methodological basis of professional training of specialists in higher educational establishment

L.М. Romanyshyna О.Ya. Romanyshyna N.D. Ostrovska O.A. Datsun

The main paradigms of ecologic training of future designers and their characteristics

S.V. Steblyuk

Student-oriented environment as the pedagogical condition of formation of professional competence of future entrepreneurship experts

Oksana S. Tovkanets

Methods and techniques of creation of educational product and their role in formation of managerial competence of future teachers

O.M. Khoma

Peculiarities of methodological preparation of future teachers of primary school of learning Ukrainian

Nataliia I. Cherepanya І.І. Bretsko Nadiia M. Rusin

Formation of motivating component of self-educative activity of future teachers of pre-school educational establishment

A.V. Morhun Natalia V. Telychko

Social and linguistic problems of linguistics in the aspect of formation of linguistic worldview of students of philology

Jana Burgerová Vladimír Piskura

E-learning in terms of sustainability at the university - digital competencies (test results at the Faculty of Education of Presov University)

Mariana Bilak Diana Malinovska

Formation of communicative skills of business communication in the process of foreign language teachers’ prepration

Oksana Lypchanko-Kovachyk

Organization of individual work of students in the process of reading works of English and American literature

Kateryna M. Movchan

Libraries in the continuous education system

Renáta Orosová Katarina Petrikova Janka Ferencová Volodymyr Starosta

Teacher's teaching style

Nadiia Yu. Bryzhak О.О. Міshkulynets

Peculiarities of competitiveness of modern teacher of primary school

Marianna V. Horvat Mariia I. Kuzma-Kachur

Activization of cognitive activity of young schoolchildren in the process of formation knowledge competencies in nature sciences

Olena M. Dobosh

Pedagogical supervision as the mechanism of professional development of a young teacher

О.І. Кіlichenko

Pedagogical interaction in educational process of primary school: essence and functions

Vasyl I. Kobal

Questionnaire as one of the means of ensuring the quality management of educational services

Nataliia V. Lalak Mariia I. Vasilinka Iryna Ye. Mayboroda

Use of sand therapy at the lessons of educational field «Arts» in terms of inclusion

K.V. Mykhailova A.K. Mykulina N.P. Voloshyn

Building and constructive games as the means of pedagogical influence onto the formation of the personality of a pre-schoolchild

Т.І. Моlnar Mariia V. Lavrenova N.V. Каmpov

Teaching support of gifted children in terms of primary education

Olena O. Popadych

Interdisciplinary approach to the content of legal knowledge of elementary school children

М.V. Fedoruts

Non-formal education as the factor of formation of social competence of high school children

Yu.M. Chuchalina

Economic culture in the structure of general culture of personality

Renáta Bernátová

Health education and teacher education students for primary education

Mariana Bilak

Teaching lexical material during foreign language classes

Alica Petrasová

Cooperation of pedagogical and professional staff in the system of inclusive support of pupils

Beata V. Barchi G.Z. Geider M.V. Kapats

Peculiarities of the process of memorizing while learning grammatical material of the English language

Myroslava M. Kachur V.S. Fizer V.V. Karmanov

Theoretical aspects of the essence of artistic and communicative skills

Ye.V. Кmita

Operational and activity component of development of professional (foreign-language) communicative competence of air traffic management controllers

Natalia V. Telychko O.V. Diadchenko

Linguistic features of communication in the youth discourse of Ukrainian and English

O.M. Fentsyk

Communicative culture of a teacher: essence and ways of its formation in the process of vocational training

І.І. Bretsko Iryna V. Morgun

The impact of non-verbal communication means in the process оf intercultural communication

I.M. Feltsan

Internet-technologies in teaching english to senior students

Natalia V. Telychko Diana Malinovska

Cognitive features of modern internet discourse as a current philological problem

N.M. Avsheniuk

Functional literacy development in the adult population: experience of Australia

L.I. Garapko

Foreign language education in foreign countries: the main vectors of Ukrainian pedagogical historiography

Mariana V. Hrab

Features of training of teachers in Denmark and Norway

Rostyslav V. Kozubovsky M.R. Kozubovskyi B.Ya. Buleza

Socio-pedagogical prevention of deviant behavior of under age children in the United States

N.V. Paziura

Role of STEM-education in training ІТ- professionals in British higher education institutions

О.М. Slobodyanyuk

Unfair practices: the scope of the problem and the solutions (British and Ukrainian experiences)

N.D. Soyma

Humanistic principles of social and pedagogical work with maladapted children in the USA

М.D. Vovkanych Tetiana D. Shcherban

Features of the object of scientific research in the humanities and natural sciences

Jan Laszczyk

Justice and lack of conflict in interpersonal interactions as a successful pedagogical prerequisite educational process

Jan Sikora

Adult pedagogy in the process of teaching people with special needs educational

Mahdalyna S. Barchiy

Some aspects of investigation of the problem of self-actualization of the personality

O.V. Ivanova

Influence of valuable and meaningful sphere of personality onto the development of strategic thinking in the period of early adulthood

А.V. Oliynyk

Religious faith in opposition to suicide in a student environment

V.M. Synyshyna

Pedagogical conditions for the development of reflection of future practical psychologists

І.І. Marionda S.G. Gavrishko F.V. Моroz

Development of power and determination of basic means of skills improvement