The motives content of training and professional activity of future English teachers


The article aims at defining the types and kinds of educational and professional activity of the English teacher. The notions of motive and motivation have been analyzed. The article studies the problem of the formation of motivation to professional and pedagogical activity of university students. The types of motivation to teaching and learning have been classified. The kinds of motives of educational and professional activity have been studied. The problem of motivation of professional activities has become increasingly important in the theory and methods of professional training of future English teachers since both the result and the process of assimilation of knowledge largely depend on the involvement of the teachers into the educational process and the sphere of their interests. Various motives carry different effects on the results of the activities, that is its effectiveness. Thus, an important condition for improving the efficiency of training of future English teachers is forming their sustainable motivation for professional educational activities. Scientific studies show that motivation makes a significant influence on the professional work of teachers, their pupils’ achievements and efficiency of the educational system as a whole. It has been noted that on the way of their professionalization future teacher overcome significant changes in their motivational sphere, where an important step is the moment of «decision making» and getting a personal «higher» meaning to their future careers. It has been proved that the motives of future teachers appear in the following succession: professional, communicative, creative, teaching and learning, social, motifs of prestige and avoiding of failures. As the prospect of further research we consider developing a system of professional motivation of English teachers, which will serve as a practical basis for further improvement of their professional competence. 

Keywords: motive, motivation, training and educational activities, educational and professional activities, types of motivation, types of motivation