Emotional Resilience as a Major Factor in the Mental Health of Prospective University Students


This study investigates the issues of emotional stability as the main factor in the mental health of students of modern higher educational institutions. The relevance of the subject matter is conditioned by the high psychological and psycho-emotional stress that students of many specialties of modern higher educational institutions have to face during their studying, as well as the need for high psychological and emotional stability to handle such stress and successfully complete the training. The leading approach in this study is a combination of a system analysis of the influence of emotional overload on students of modern higher educational institutions during their training with the study of the features of increasing emotional stability in conditions of psychological overload during lectures at a university, which have a considerable impact on the psyche of a student and can cause numerous nervous breakdowns. The results of this study clearly emphasise the importance of the emotional stability of prospective university students as a factor that prevents the development of disorders of their mental health, and also necessitates the development of emotional stability in modern prospective university students to create a reliable, highquality basis for strengthening mental health. The results and conclusions of this study are of substantial importance for students of modern higher educational institutions, university teachers, as well as for numerous researchers of the issues of improving emotional and psychological stability in conditions of high loads associated with intense mental activity inherent in both students and representatives of various spheres of mental labour

Keywords: mental health, higher education, psychological stress, psychological stability, educational activity