Emotional sphere of future pedagogues during their professional training


The features of professional activity of teachers have been analyzed in the article. The problem of emotions and emotional sphere of students has been examined. The features of the emotional sphere of influence on the formation of professional competence of future primary school teachers have been found out. Psychological features of the emotional sphere of students have been disclosed. In the process of emotional sphere of students one of the important place has appropriate system of skills, emotional skills; skills of emotional self-regulation; ability to manage emotional states; skills of empathy, perception, etc. The methods for the study of the emotional sphere of students have been presented, such as: psychodiagnostic methods "Multivariate personality questionnaire FPI. Authors Farenberh I., H. Zarh, R. Hampelya (modified form "B")”. The technique helps to explore the behaviors, class, orientation, skills that are dominant in the professional activity of teacher quantitative performance levels on each scale. The experimental group has been presented by students of Mukachevo State University of first, third, fifth-year students and second-year (s.p.) students of Pedagogical Faculty, specialty "Primary school training". Our study was performed on two different samples: the first - students, future teachers who taught the traditional system of training - students of fifth year (the graduates (TT)); second - students who have studied for interactive technologies (with lots of different types of practices) (hereinafter graduates (IT)). The most severe problems of scale it seemed graduates (TT) and least pronounced - of the graduates (IT). This indicates that the theoretical and practical training of graduates surveyed (IT) using interactive technology helps overcome negative emotional expressions of resolving educational problems and adjustment process of self-organization, self-control and self-control of their own behavior and that, in its turn is the basis for future professional activities. The study has been concluded that changes in the emotional sphere of students need the revision and introduction of new forms and methods of university training.

Keywords: professional training, professional competence, emotion, emotional sphere, emotional stability