The ecologization of the primary school education


The article deals with the problem of ecologization of primary school education in Ukraine, including its contents during the modern reformative changes in the national education sphere. The scientific and pedagogical literature is analyzed. In the article the pedagogical content of categories "humanization" and "ecologization" is clarified, the degree of its similarities and existing differences are specified; particular attention is paid to the significant of the problem of content ecologization of primary school education. The positive and negative aspects that have been taking place in Ukrainian primary school are found out; the directions and features of training institutions’ activity in preparing specialist to implement the educational innovations are described. The features of realization of humanistic approach in historical retrospective of the development of education, introducing humanistic concepts by scientists of the twentieth century are outlined. The author identifies the works of modern scientists in the field of humanization and ecologization of education. In according to the specifics of the primary level of school education the author explores the definition of "ecologization of primary school education". The author interprets this category as an open process of functioning of all its components, structural elements that ensure a balance between the quality of educational services and health protection of each participant of the educational process, the major condition of it defined as the ensuring of optimization and harmonization of the educational process, based on the principle of nature accordance. Relevant issues of primary school: content, methodology, tools of the educational process are analyzed. The necessity of significant changes in the content of primary school education toward unloading pupils through a significant upgrade and improvement of educational programs, providing principles of nature accordance and sequence, correcting teaching tools for the implementation of updated programs and proper organization of primary school teachers’ postgraduate education in Ukraine in defined conditions are emphasized. The author focuses on the potential of teacher training as an important component of postgraduate training, aimed at ensuring their professional development. The prospects for future research are defined.

Keywords: humanization of education, ecologization educational content, principle of nature accordance, postgraduate education, teachertraining, teachers of primary classes