Ecological education in the concept to constant development: educational tasks and standards of European technology


The article reviews the problems of environmental education in the context of sustainable development. The aim of this article is an analysis of the application forms and implementation of educational objectives of environmental education in the context of sustainable development. The principals,which cover three main aims of sustainable development are analysed. These principals are based on: roviding natural and environmental sustainability of the environment; organizing economical environment; providing sustainable social development; greening social consciousness; ensuring close international collaboration and cooperation to achieve the goals of sustainable development. We defined educational objectives of environmental education at modern Ukrainian and European schools in the context of sustainable development. These objectives are: assimilation of scientific knowledge about the interconnection of nature, society and human activities; forming an understanding the multifaceted nature value to society in general and every individual in particular; mastering the standards of acceptable behavior in the environment etc. We proved that the most common method of implementing educational objectives of sustainable development strategy is training, such as individual (one-to-one) trainings, psychological, business training, specialized, awareness training, professional and many others. Training courses are aimed at an increasing self-understanding and understanding others; sensual understanding group processes, knowledge of local structures; the development of a set of behavioral skills. It was concluded that the leading goal of environmental European educational institutions is: the creation and development of the individual’s creative and social activity; the system of humanistic and moral values formation; the effective educational process providing. Social development and progress of the state’s integration into the European and world information space increasingly requires consideration of the basic ideas of sustainable development. 

Keywords: environmental education, sustainable development, European educational institutions