The consideration of the system’s quantitative characteristics "man-nature" in the formation of youth ecological culture


The article is devoted to the concept of ecological culture based on the origin and development of human in biological, psychological and social dimensions. It has been shown that there is a necessary to design the formation process of ecological culture of youth with regard to objective indicators of the environment as the basis of human existence. Therefore, ecological culture should be considered from the position of the ecologically appropriate lifestyle of the individual, which in interaction with the environment, remain the objective indicators of life, that are necessary for the individual’s existence. The objective indicators in pedagogical investigation are: the level of knowledge about the environment, the existence of appropriate individual’s skills in the "man-nature" system. The formation of youth’s ecological culture should take into account the following components: intellectual, behavioural as acquisition and formation of the ecologically appropriate lifestyle activity; motivational-axiological, behavioral as a manifestation of maturity of youth’s ecological culture. The "Nature-congruent lifestyle" has been represented as a sample-piece. To increase the efficiency of educational activity for the youth’s ecological culture formation of it is necessary to classify the youth according to the form main activity criteria: young people studying in secondary schools, post secondary institutions with professional orientation, students of higher education institutions with day release training and on-the-job training, young people who are not trained. 

Keywords: ecological culture, youth, environmental education, youth classification