The impact of value orientations on the formation of the specialist professional competence


Patriotic education of students as one of the priorities of the humanistic value orientations of students. The mechanism of the process of political socialization has been defined, the issues of formation and education of political culture, values of schoolchildren have been considered, the features of humanistic orientation and political culture and value orientations of students have been studied in the article. The political culture of today’s youth should promote awareness of common historical responsibility as the Ukrainian nation, educating them in the spirit of patriotism, the formation of individual consciousness. Particular attention is paid to the formation of the political culture of youth in the context of addressing issues related to the knowledge content of the national idea, based on the intellectual, spiritual, political, moral, ethical, social and psychological phenomena of national existence. Modern higher education should provide vocational training of future teachers with a high level of political culture, professional competence, creativity, which has personal, practical orientation and meets the needs of modern society. 

Keywords: political culture, patriotism, values, humanistic values