The impact of small folklore genres on the development of speech skills and abilities concerning preschool children


The influence of small folklore genres upon the develoment of speech skills of preschool children is highlighted in thepresent article. The author investigates effective methods and techniques in implementation of small folklore genres by preschool teacher in the process of work with preschool children in different age groups. An important place in the system of speech development tools, training and education of preschool children is devoted to small genres of Ukrainian folklore. Their impact on language education of children was revealed in the works of outstanding scientists, pedagogues. The aim of the article (problem uprising) – to ground theoretically the effective methods and ways of introduction of preschool children with small folklore genres. In the process of work with children a preschool teacher uses small folklore genred: proverbs, sayings, phraseological units, puzzles etc. More often they are selected upon thematic principle for more useful characteristics of characters, precise expressing of the main idea of the work. In particular, these are small forms of folklore such as proverbs and sayings. Children need to shown the vividness, precision, accuracy of folklore: they must be taught to highlight means of artistic expression in the text: epithets, comparison, irony, it is advisable to use them in the teacher’s own speech. In addition to this fragmented use of folklore a techer can offer special lessons for acquainting children with folk heritage and in particular with small folklore forms: proverbs, sayings, riddles, lullabies, tongue twisters. Hence, having investigated small folklore genres it can be declared that they have a large impact onto the comprehensive development, in particular, the development of speech skills of preschool children. Prospects for further research should be directed on learning and development of investigations in the development of speech skills of preschool children by means of small folklore genres.

Keywords: spech development, speech skills, small folklore genres