The use of means of informational and communicational technologies in educational system


The article aims to reveal the essence and functionality of information and communicational technologies, to determine the main plane of the use of modern information and communication technologies to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process. The introduction of information and communication technologies in the educational and training process has an active influence on the formation of completely developed personality, because it creates opportunities for self-improvement, enhance intellectual development, contributes to a better mastery of the younger generation for knowledge and skills, developing the creative direction of cognitive activity, helps to create relevant personal qualities. Today, with the advent of modern technology the information space has greatly expanded and the education system has faced the question of implementation of e-learning in the educational process at any lesson. One of the methods and means of education are information and communication technology. Information and communication technology of education (ICT) is a set of methods and technical means of implementation of information technology based on computer networks and means of ensuring efficient process. Professional activities of teachers in case of using computer technology and learning tools provides raising of students’ motivation to study; realization of social goals - namely information of society; intensify the learning process; personal development of the student; development of independent work with teaching material; increasing of learning efficiency due to its individualization. The active forms of training on the use of information and communication technologies are the priority in today’s learning process. They create conditions for the formation and consolidation of knowledge and skills among students, promote the development of professional qualities of future specialist, strengthen the emotional richness of the learning process, create a special computer-oriented learning environment. The teachers’ usage of active forms in the learning process helps to overcome stereotypes in teaching various subjects, developing new approaches to professional situations, development of creative abilities of students.

Keywords: information and communication technologies, information technologies, informatization, information educational environment