Open University and its role in the development of primary school teacher’s education in Great Britain


Open University and its role in the development of teacher’s education of primary school teacher in Great Britain. This article is investigated the scientific works of Ukrainian and foreign researchers, as: N. Avshenyuk, O.Kischenko, A.Suhovirskoho; Deering R., J. Anderson, M. Hooker and other scientists of educational sphere, as well as a number of circulars and reports of British educational organizations. The article is aimed to outline the role and place of the Open University in the improvement and modernization of modern higher education UK and training of primary school teachers in particular. Training of primary school teachers at the Open University dates back to the founding in 1983 of the Pedagogical School. The school has a long history within the timeline British teacher professional development in various fields, such as, the introduction of GCSE and national curriculum in England and Wales, training directors and the use of ICT in the curriculum. The Department of Education is the largest academic unit of the Faculty of Education. The content of the curriculum department has met two program areas: professional teacher education and training of children and youth. The Courses of Department are revolved around a wide range of subjects including: the practice of working with children of primary school age, education of teacher of primary school, education of teacher of secondary school, curriculum and assessment work with older students, post-graduate education, management of the educational process, the international level of teacher education, sport and fitness. These courses are the basis for three basic degrees: primary school ( youth work, sports, fitness and health); secondary school (PGCE (secondary)); for post-graduate degree (Masters in Education), and doctoral degree (a taught doctorate programme (EdD)), which provide obtaining the relevant qualifications. The department has also provided a lifelong professional development of teachers, giving them the opportunity to study on short courses.

Keywords: primary education, primary school teacher, Open University, distance education, system of continuing education