Management of education and educational processes: an analytical overview of scientific approaches


The article is devoted to the scientific approaches to management education and educational processes. The theory of social control has been analyzed, in the development of which five elements can be pointed out, the basic ideas represent great interest for the organization of processes management in educational systems: the definition of scientific schools in management; processing; systematic; result-oriented; situational. It has been emphasized that scientific schools in educational management represent four managerial concepts developed by a school of scientific management, administrative school, school of psychology and human relations, and managerial school. It has been determined that the final result orientation of the entire system of educational institution management includes not only special motivational target orientation of the head of the institution, but also a new approach to informational support, pedagogical analysis, planning, organization, control and regulation of all activities, especially target-setting, which provides comparison and adjusting of the previously stipulated target with the goals of other vertical and (or) horizontal systems. At this point it is important to assess the possibilities of its implementation. The attention is concentrated on the concept of management of educational facilities based on the results, describing the process that consists of the following stages: planning results, situational management to achieve these results and monitoring the results. The models of evaluation results of Personnel Management have been viewed - 4C - the criteria corporate dedication, competence, team coherence of and corporate efficiency from the viewpoint expenditures. The perspectives for further research have been suggested, consisting the analysis of quality management of educational services, development of educational system management in Europe, etc. 

Keywords: education, education management, scientific approaches, process approach; systematic approach; target-oriented approach; situational approach