Ukrainian Language for Professional Purposes: Life Cycle of the Discipline and its Status in Modern Pedagogical Institutions of Higher Education

The relevance of the study is conditioned by the need to build an effective methodological system of teaching the Ukrainian language in a professional aspect, which requires the definition of specific goals and objectives of the discipline. The purpose of the training course should be reflected in the milestone and meet the components of the global goals of educational training, while understanding the purpose and the intended use of the discipline consolidates and enhances its status in higher education, ensuring its long life cycle. The purpose of the study is to clarify the life cycle and status of the discipline in modern pedagogical institutions of higher education, to determine the goals and objectives of teaching the Ukrainian language in a professional aspect. The work uses a set of scientific methods: reflective and comparative analysis, generalisation – to study the information field of the problem, component analysis of the formulation of the purpose of teaching the Ukrainian language in a professional aspect; scientific abstraction and visualisation – to reproduce the life cycle of the training course, to determine its status. The concept of “life cycle of the discipline” is formulated: the time of its functioning in the educational system of the country, during which it is capable of effectively performing the current educational functions. It is proposed to formulate the purpose of teaching the Ukrainian language in the professional aspect of future pedagogical workers: the development of oral and written professional speech of students by increasing the level of certain competences, developing innovative thinking and working with information, maintaining interest in professional activities in order to develop a personality of a highly competitive specialist ready for self-improvement in the chosen area of work