Improvement of the pedagogical training of future teachers as a condition for the implementation of the European educational strategy


The article deals with the problem of improving the pedagogical training of future teachers as a condition for implementation of the European educational strategy. The directions and types of pedagogical activity that became relevant in the 21st century are analyzed. The peculiarities of methodological assistance to the teacher in the first years of professional activity through mentoring, individual conversations and consultations with management or colleagues, participation in thematic seminars, trainings (team training), networking (ICT), studying the experience of senior colleagues, participation in cooperation with other school , pedagogical observation with compulsory diary and analysis of educational activities. It is emphasized that the new qualities are the further training of teachers in the European educational space and advanced training. The role of international teacher mobility, which is to have direct contact with another education system, to help to raise doubts about other teaching methods they offer, to be able to directly observe their use and influence on students, which may motivate teachers and acquire new skills, is outlined. to apply own innovative approaches, to make working visits of foreign language teachers, which will help to develop language skills, which are especially important for those who teach modern foreign languages; promoting best practices, encouraging their colleagues to share information, ideas and experiences to engage and support the whole school community in virtual or physical mobility. It is emphasized that for Ukrainian education and science to ensure the country's work potential and enhance the competitiveness of higher education teachers it is important now to promote the organization of branches of foreign pedagogical higher educational establishments that can carry out educational activities under franchising; initiation of twin educational programs and mutual recognition of educational programs, enhancement of the international reputation and competitiveness of pedagogical universities or faculties, in which the ability of the educational institution to ensure the proper quality of training of specialists in the relevant field and specialty is emphasized.

Keywords: pedagogical preparation, teacher, European educational strategy