Theory and practice of economic education and financial literacy of children and grown-ups historical and pedagogical aspect


In the article the development of economic education on the lands of Western Ukraine is considered in the historical and pedagogical aspect. The author analyzes the pedagogical forms and methods of economic work of business associations, the activity of teachers, church workers in the economic education of children and adults (opening schools of professional orientation of school youth, establishing an organizational psycho technical committee, holding public lectures on professional orientation, applied psychology, public economics and hygiene)It has been proved that in the investigated historical period in the western Ukrainian lands, which were the part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Poland, the economic and cooperative movement from the very beginning was of a national character and was permeated with the idea of independence. The pedagogical value of communication of professional education with the principle of natural correspondence and abilities of the person is substantiated. The special role of economic education, in particular financial, in modern society and private educational institutions is emphasized. It is also stressed that in the current conditions, within the framework of the National Strategy for the Protection of the Rights of Consumers of Financial Services, the National Bank of Ukraine takes measures to increase the level of financial literacy of Ukrainian population, which provides the implementation of a number of educational projects targeted at different segments of the population. The program "Financial literacy" is offered, the purpose of which is to familiarize students with modern financial products and services, develop their skills in the use of such products, as well as develop their own financial planning skills for the future and improve their economic competence. It is concluded that in the conditions of formation of market relations the introduction of economic, financial, tax literacy is a promising direction of strengthening the middle class, saving behavior of the population as the basis of macroeconomic stability, innovations in solving socio-economic problems, acquisition of new professions.

Keywords: economic education, economic, cultural and educational societies, lands of Western Ukraine