Theoretical and methodological background of preschool children social adaptation


In this article we analyzed the achievements of many outstanding teachers and scholars, whose profile in the socialization and adaptation of children of preschool age is older. Substantiates the problem of social adaptation on stage as a pre-school child to assimilate a sensitive combination of social norms. Delivers the current trend issues to the topic. The search of funds, contributing to the successful adaptation of each child to the living conditions of children in schools. On the basis of data analysis technology that is designed to simplify and improve the effectiveness of adaptation using directional gaming activities. This technology was realized with the help of pedagogical conditions as to attract the child to the society and the use of subject-role-playing Igor and theatrical content. This technology is deployed functional process that makes it possible to make effective use of leading spheres of child development: emotional, motivational, cognitive, behavioral, get a positive adaptation effect. Yeti games in groups with adaptive system have strengthened the desire of children to attend kindergarten, a positive attitude to his visits, increased personal activity of pupils, and stabilized the qualitative changes in the gaming activity. Skill gaming and social communication activities related to the adoption of new regulations, requirements and conditions of life, positive emotional response to social changes, enriching the gaming and social experience provided the approval of the child in the social role of "I-preschooler," adaptation to pre-schools. The study can be noted that the approved social-pedagogical technology is optimal because it provides adaptation of children in educational institutions, as evidenced by high rates of adaptation levels of pupils of the experimental group. It was determined that the social adaptation of children is achieved through an integrated approach to the provision of the said process, which includes educational and educational activities for children to optimize the adaptation process, organizational and methodological work with the teaching staff, efficiently organized kindergarten cooperation with the family. The aim of the article is to solve the problems of adaptation of the senior preschool children, conducting search means, which would contribute to the successful adaptation of every child to life in kindergarten.

Keywords: social adaptation, social environment, adaptability, maladjustment