Theoretical Foundations for the Management of Multidisciplinary Institution of Out-of-School Education in the Conditions of Autonomy


A topical issue in the system of Ukrainian and foreign education is the rethinking of the methodology for the management of out-of-school educational institutions. The purpose of the study is to reveal the content of scientific approaches and scientific disciplines for the development of educational management in multidisciplinary out-of-school education institutions. The study uses systemic, procedural and synergistic methodological approaches using methods of analysis and synthesis, systematisation, comparison, analogy. The study presents the results of the analysis of the research papers on theoretical approaches to management, reveals the essence of the concepts related to educational management as a new area in science and practice. The range of sciences that would contribute to the development of a new management paradigm for multidisciplinary out-of-school education institutions (philosophy of education, social philosophy, social psychology, sociology, etc.) is outlined, emphasis is placed on the principle of institution autonomy. The study reveals the regularities of the theoretical model of management of a multidisciplinary institution of out-of-school education (mapping the individual trajectory of professional development of teachers, which contributes to a deeper understanding of their needs and, consequently, potentially improving the quality of educational services; and, accordingly, the adjustment of management actions; management of phased processes of development and implementation of author's educational programmes that should guarantee the quality of educational services, assess the feasibility of their implementation in accordance with the interests of applicants, analyse after their experimental implementation). The practical significance of the study is conditioned by the possibility of using materials in higher education institutions within the educational programmes “Educational, pedagogical sciences”. Materials can be useful for improving the skills of heads of multidisciplinary institutions of out-of-school education for adults (both formal and non-formal education), in postgraduate education institutions to improve the professional competence of administrative staff of multidisciplinary out-of-school education

Keywords: reform of the out-of-school education system, systemic, procedural and synergetic approach, adult education, educational management