Theoretical Aspects of the Correlation of Education and Professional Sports in the Development of Information Technology


The rapid development of modern science and technology has had an unprecedented impact on professional sports, resulting in the need to update the methodology of teaching physical education. The purpose of the study is to analyse the correlations between education and professional sports in the context of the active introduction of information technology. The methodology of theoretical research was used in conducting study. It is determined that the new mode of education does not depend entirely on the advantages of media education, but on the reform of physical education regime. It was discovered that the use of media education technology created conditions for the reform of teaching physical education and sports and led to its recessive function due to the new teaching regime. The necessity of comprehensive analysis in evaluating the model of sports education is substantiated. The study established that the informatisation of sports in educational institutions plays an important role in promoting physical education among students. The semantic importance of school sports modernisation is considered, which includes revising views and ideas on physical education, improving the content and methods of teaching, changing the team composition and management of school sports, and updating school sports and sports evaluation system. The study includes statistical data on the student’s attitude to physical activity and their participation in the physical education. The features of the use of media technologies for the purpose of introducing sports among young people have been established, which consist in positive and negative effects on the personality. The practical value of the study lies in the theoretical substantiation of the correlation features of the educational process and professional sports for their further application in practice

Keywords: education system, education modernisation, physical education, physical activity, media technologies, Olympic sports