Team building technology in terms of general secondary educational establishment


The purpose of the article is to uncover the general principles of teambuilding technology in a general secondary education setting. The article determines the relevance of the implementation of team building technology in the conditions of the institution of general secondary education for the formation and development of a team of teaching staff; prerequisites have been analyzed and the essence of team building has been determined. Its purpose and primary tasks are outlined, the role of the head of the general secondary education institution in the team-building process is defined. The basic stages of teambuilding development are analyzed. In particular: formation and development of teamwork skills, team spirit formation, and team formation. The introduction of team building in educational organizations is an effective way of activating the activities of the teaching staff. The formation of a team of teachers is an opportunity to qualitatively change the existing system of education, to build the most productive form of organizational interaction, to ensure the efficiency of activities, and to increase the competitiveness of students. The practical importance of scientific results lies in the possibility of applying scientific provisions in the practical activity of directors of institutions of general secondary education; in the course of teaching the subjects "Theory and Management of Educational Organizations", "Management of Human Resources, Content of Work of Information Relationships in the Education System", "Fundamentals of Professional Formation of the Head (Manager) of the Educational Establishment", "Modern Management Technologies", "Modern Educational Technologies" In higher education institutions; while writing textbooks on the theory and practice of managing educational institutions; during the assistant management practice in educational institutions.

Keywords: team, team building, pedagogical team, educational establishment