The social ideal of a teacher in Transcarpathia (1919-1939 years)


The article reveals the social ideal of a teacher in Transcarpathia (1919-1939 years). It was determined that the ideal teacher considered to be as a highly educated professional, spiritually perfect person, widely erudite and intelligent. The decisive factor is a teacher’s proximity to the people, its traditions and customs. The teacher should meet the requirements - to know the language, the history of native land, culture, treat with respect the religion, attend church and live according to the commandments of God. Democracy, tolerance, multiculturalism, compassion, understanding of others and readiness to help should be inherent traits of the teacher. Social ideal of a teacher is inseparably related with the formation of his own positive image. Pedagogical community considered that the main way of approaching an ideal for a teacher of that time was personal improvement and professional skills. The society imposed on the teacher upbringing and educating citizens capable of living in a democratic state, to work for the well-being of the people and economic growth throughout the country. A native schoolteacher is characterized by accurate civil position and national consciousness.

Keywords: the ideal of a teacher, personal improvement, professional mastership