Modern progress of geographical science trends are in the conditions of competence of studies


Principles of development of geography are investigational in a spatio-temporal aspect through the prism of conceptions and paradigms that changed each other on the different stages of development of geographical science. By means of methods of historical geography, system-structural, problem-searching, the prognosis-analytical is generalized modern going near development of geographical science in the conditions of preparation of specialists of higher school on the educational program from geography. The various forms of spatial organization of society, their functioning, cooperation, development, become the result of geographical researches. Principles of geographical researches accumulate in itself modern ideas and conceptions, that interpret factors, mechanisms and trends of community development, his feature in separate regions and countries. Regional and national identity of people become the articles of the applied researches of geographers. Without regard to that all scientific developments light up the quality effects of synergistically effects, yet attention not enough is spared to the empiric ground of synergistically geographical results and lighted not enough up them quality features that need further researches. Presently new tasks that need development of conception industry of socio-economic and structural politics of region appear before geographers; to the analysis of competitors, infrastructural providing; question of ecology, steady development and guard of environment. Certainly, that the aim of the educational program from geography in the Mukachevo state university is preparation of highly skilled, competitive specialists on geography, able to decide the intricate specialized problems and practical problems in industry of geography that envisages application of certain theories and methods of geographical and other sciences and characterized by a complexity. The various going is systematized near the prospects of development of geographical science in the conditions of new calls of globalization.

Keywords: geographical education, globalization, regional strategy of development, professional preparation from geography, educational program from geography, programmatic results of studies, key competences, competences approach, synergistically effect, conceptual integrity