Ways of using QR-codes in practical training of foreign language teachers


The article uses methods of comparison and classification to determine how to use QR-codes during practical training of students, future teachers of foreign languages. The emphasis is on the motivation factor for using QR-codes as a modern mobile technology. The role of the teacher as the leader and moderator of the process of introduction of mobile technologies in the process of preparation of foreign language teachers is highlighted. The practicality of using QR-codes in the educational process of students of the specialty: Secondary education (English and foreign literature) was demonstrated. Some methods of using QR-codes in the practical training of foreign language teachers are given in the article.QR technology is one of the most advanced mobile technologies that can be used in the training of foreign language teachers at the present time. When considering the use of QR-codes in an educational context, it is important to see the motivating quality of QR-technologies. The main attention should be paid to the pedagogy of their use, rather than on their own QR-technology, as mobile technologies do not guarantee an independent increase of the motivation in training. The potential of mobile learning depends on the provision and development of pedagogically meaningful opportunities and working conditions in order to increase the effectiveness of learning. The purpose of training foreign language teachers by means of modern technologies should be to develop learning more focused on the student, and not to associate teaching and learning only on the use of mobile devices. The current state of mobile technology development provides an education with many ways to use them in the learning process. The literature review conducted by us showed that it is possible to distinguish six main ways of using QR-codes in the training of foreign language teachers: 1. Searches 2. Outdoortasks. 3. Paper-Based Tasks.4. Educational content created by the student.5. Educational instructions. 6. Distribution of information. Al lthese ways of using QR codes in the educational process of training a foreign language teacher can be mixed and combined. 

Keywords: informatization of education, mobile technologies, QR-technologies, interaction of teacher and student, professional training of foreign language teachers, independent and individual work of students, research work of students