The students’ value system in the condition of society transformation


Modern society requires the change of ideas on person’s place in the world, their role and attitudes to the social realias, that is why our article investigates the problem of students’ value system formation during the period of society transformation. The article is aimed at theoretical study and empirical research of students’ value system orientations in modern environment. Transformation - is the act or process of changing the form, type, nature or character of a society or a separate structure. It means the transformation of the society social components, aspects and areas of public life. The main thing in transformation – is the transformation of forms and content of social concepts, its institutional structure, norms, values, mentality, and other social and cultural aspects of society. The presented article analyzes the viewpoints of psychologists on this perspective. It has been noted that the system of human values is the "foundation" of their relations with the world. Values – is a relatively stable, socially selected, reasonable attitude of a person to the unity of material and spiritual public goods. The features of young students, their rate of values from different points of view have been described. There has been considered the character of public relations today, along with society transformation. The empirical search results on value system orientation and young people values in modern environment have been analyzed. It has been found that today’s young people are targeted at achieving the goals, dynamic activity, giving the prime place to the material values, and demonstrating the lack of communicative skills. Taking into account the above mentioned, we have proposed the corrective program which will promote personal growth of the individual. 

Keywords: values, value orientation, transformation society, system, personality