Individual work of students of pedagogical educational institutions in the context of humanization of the educational process of high school


The article is devoted to the consideration of students’ individual work in pedagogical institutions, as an essential and challenging process within the strategical areas aimed at humanization of the academic activity in the higher education. The article is aimed at defining the significance of the students’ individual work within the framework of humanization of the academic activity in the higher education, as well as giving theoretical substantiation to it. While keeping in mind the fact that higher education is a mandatory part in one’s life, we should also admit: the importance of higher education institutions is growing the more so, since the student is taught to obtain knowledge independently. Therefore, the task of the higher education is not only to supply the student with all the necessary knowledge but also to develop his proficiency and skills of independent activity with students, the one to initiate cognitive mental activity and stimulate their creative search and contributes for a deeper comprehension and memorizing the learning material already studied. Thus it is the humanization of education that stipulates search and development of new pedagogical concepts, the ones to allow for latest solutions for organizing the students’ individual work. The very principle of humanization, confirming the priority of personality over formal, social, professional and institutional tendencies, should guide any chain within the pedagogical system make it possible to realize one’s personal rights, personal growth, psychological comfort, show up skills, talents and creative potential for each personality. The humanization principle is realized via humanitarization the essence of education, introducing students to universal human values and by reforming the very style of relationships between tutors and students, pupils and teachers. Thus, the students’ individual work in pedagogical institutions is nothing else but an organizational form for learning activity and a means of developing independency and activity within a personality to be able to put tasks and solve them individually, both theoretical and practical ones. We therefore believe that modern approaches to students’ individual work in pedagogical institutions are both essential and challenging within the framework of strategical areas in humanization of the academic activity in the higher education. 

Keywords: university education, professional training, independency, pedagogics, humanistic approach