Self - realization of a young teacher


The article deals with the psychological characteristics of self-realization of young teachers. It has been proved that the criterion of the effectiveness of professional self-realization of young teachers is the level of readiness to solve pedagogical problems that arise during the execution of professional activities. The following stages of pedagogical problem solving were identified: analysis, planning, implementation, introspection. In the process of professional self-realization young teachers are faced with serious problems and difficulties of external and subject nature caused by personal and psychological reasons. The generalization of empirical results allows us to conclude: the presence of positive dynamics depending on experience; mastering processes mismatch young teachers with theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience. According to the subject of professional stage of formation the leading personality psychological tendency that almost swept the profession can be assumed that as a tendency to assert themselves in the system of new relationships. The external contradiction of this stage (between professional and pedagogical training received in pedagogical university, previous notions about the school, teachers' labour, social and psychological expectations and real requirements, concrete terms of professional activity, everyday school practice) appears on a personal level as a conflict between the new status and its realization of beginners. Considering the professional-pedagogical activity as a continuous process of pedagogical problem solving (the task of reflexive management of pupils), and having in mind that the achievement of educational objectives is only possible through pedagogical teacher -pupil interaction (communication), we emphasized the dialectical removal of contradictions in the process of entering teaching profession that involves mastery of the beginners of integrated ability to solve pedagogical tasks. 

Keywords: self-realization, professional self-realization, task, pedagogical task, readiness and professional skills