Development of library science in Ukraine: historical and pedagogical aspect


The article presents the history of librarн science in Ukraine. Library science in Ukraine is an independent scientific discipline that studies the origin of the library, its formation and development from antiquity to the presen days. It is one of the subjects of the document communicative cycle, and the component of the overall library science. The object of the librarianship history is a library as a sociocultural institution, its subject in genesis and development in the time dimension, formation, evolution of library thought and practice. Rational use of books is one of the urgent problems of modern library. Implicitly, that the best and cost-effective way to spread a book is library. Only library has the ability to provide readers with the necessary materials. Only library is able to receive and organize a truly effective information on relevant literature, provide readers with professional assistance in the selection of printed materials and create conditions for reading the book. Library is very beneficial for the society, because public use of book much increases the effectiveness of value of each printed unit. Library creation effects the dissemination of the latest inventions in science, technology and culture, which cannot but bring a huge affect on the level of production. The problem about a scientific value of a l ibrary science has been disputed for a long time. The attempts have been made to investigate the subject of library research, the links with a number of the related sciences, especially bibliology. At present it’s impossible to give a comprehensive, wide flowing scientific issues, because life, library construction practice would place more problems with every year before the library science. The history of library science as a scientific discipline in the era of independent Ukraine has its undeniable achievements and retains the positive dynamics in research. However, many aspects of the historical past of libraries in Ukraine remain unexplored at, both national and regional levels. New research on the history of libraries enrich its content and, and at the same time, the theoretical foundations of the Ukrainian library. 

Keywords: library, library science, librarianship, funds, printed and handwritten works, public libraries, library science, scientific schools, information technology