Native word as a means of national-patriotic education at the Ukrainian lessons at primary school


The article reveals the role of native words in the national-patriotic education of the young students. Determined the relevance of the study. Modernity requires new approaches to education and training in the education system, especially primary. Development of theoretical and practical bases of formation national sentiment through words at the lessons of Ukrainian language in primary school. Several Legislative Acts of Ukraine, research scientists from the above mentioned problems provide an opportunity to intensify this work and to identify ways to implement it. In the State standard of primary education subject "Language and Literature" national-patriotic education implements through the realization of socio-cultural content line due to language, speech and activity. The content of socio-cultural line includes the knowledge of the thematic word groups that called the state, her capital, state symbols and the realia of the people; folklore in different variation; particularities of national speech etiquette. Children should be motivated in the process of learning the Ukrainian language and they suppose to understand that with the help of the native tongue we have connection through generations. The practice of education in primary school and our researches give possibilities to identify the specific exercises that promote the formation of national consciousness of younger learners with the help of the word. Some of them are: listening, speaking exercises , spelling, different communication and innovative tasks. The national-patriotic education realized comprehensively not as individual lessons. Integrated lessons widespread the use of interdisciplinary connections and it facilitates the assimilation of the subject systemically. It will provide an opportunity to understand the world, which is the most important in learning the Ukrainian language. There are some examples of lessons of the native language and literary readings. Didactic objectives of language and speech is one of the important criteria in choosing the contents and activities for learning the language. The use of interdisciplinary connections helps to promote better assimilation of objects and the formation of personality.  

Keywords: national-patriotic education, primary school, Ukrainian language lessons, exercises, communicative tasks, language moments