Psychological and Pedagogical Features of Training Future Teachers (Primary School)


The relevance of the study is conditioned by the increasing requirements for the quality of psychological and specialised training of modern primary school teachers, as well as the need to increase the level of their professional competences in the context of current changes in secondary education. The main purpose of this study is an objective analysis of the features of psychological and pedagogical training of future primary school teachers, carried out to determine the most effective and currently available methods of professional training of future teachers in higher educational institutions. The leading approach in this study was a combination of methods of system analysis of the training of future primary school teachers in the system of higher education and analytical research of modern methods of improving the psychological stability of future teachers and the development of their professional competences. The results of this study indicate the importance of the subject matter, the need to find new opportunities for pedagogical skills and psychological stability of future primary school teachers in the context of trends in the modern education system and in terms of prospects for its further effective development. The results and conclusions of this study are of great practical importance both for the compilers of curricula responsible for the final quality of professional training of future primary school teachers, and for teachers of higher education institutions who conduct classes on pedagogical and psychological training of these professionals and pedagogical university students that have chosen a specialty related to teaching in primary school

Keywords: education system, primary school, psychological training of future teachers, education psychology