Psychological determinants of health in the value system of future lawyers


The contradiction of the process of shaping the health-saving priorities of future lawyers makes it evident in the fact that well-founded sociocultural guidelines should be implemented in social practice through cultivation of a healthy lifestyle in the ontogenetic development of an individual. As practical study shows, there is a kind of cognitive and behavioral dissonance in the process of professional becoming of future lawyers. It so happens when sufficient awareness is not consistent with a high level of activity to master skills of a healthy lifestyle. Future lawyers have been asked to evaluate the level of adverse effects on health risk factors; objective and subjective factors of influence on style and way of life have been investigated; priority values and the place of health-saving priorities among them have been identified. On the basis of putting together the obtained data, indicators of the readiness of future lawyers to approve the principles of healthy living were determined. As a result, characteristic indicators of future lawyers are described, that characterized by the highest, sufficient, basic and initial level of formation of their individual healthy life` principles. The results of the conducted study confirm the necessity of reorientation of the cognitive process from informative - educational to discussion - active. Effective are those forms of influence that make it possible to systematize the flow of information that is often contradictory on the phenomenon of health, including its psychological components, the relationship with style and lifestyle, values and professional perspectives. Important conditions of this process were defined. They are: stimulation of partnerships between participants of educational interaction that prevents destructive conflict confrontation; active participation of future lawyers in the development and implementation of social prevention programs; stimulating the transition from situational activity to sustained interest and conviction in the need for preservation, strengthening one's own health based on psychological well-being. As a result, the system model of activity arrengment for its getting is marked by a combination of information block and practical tools. We are convinced that socio-psychological bases are: development of motivation for healthy lifestyle based on objective awareness of its benefits and conditions of realization; change of destructive attitudes towards own life; creation of conditions for full personal and professional self-realization as an integral part of healthy life. 

Keywords: future lawyers, healthy life, health psychology, value priorities, objective and subjective health factors, motives for healthy living, professional claims, life strategy