Psychological Aspects as the Components of Academic Mobility of Medical Workers


The relevance of the study is conditioned by the need for mastery of "professional mobility" and "reflection" by health professionals in terms of active scientific and technological development and rapid changes in the socio-cultural space. The purpose of the study is to determine the professional mobility of a specialist in the context of the peculiarities of the professional activity of a nurse and to create a methodology for its research. In the course of the study, methods of statistical and mathematical analysis, scientific modelling, as well as testing and generalisation of data were used to conduct an empirical experiment, the essence of which was to create and substantiate the method "Professional mobility of a nurse". The necessity of the professional mobility development of employees of medical institutions is substantiated. The key components of the study of professional mobility of nurses have been established. A method for studying professional mobility and reflection of healthcare workers in the form of a questionnaire "Professional mobility of nurses" has been developed. Statistical processing of the received data has been conducted and the statistical matrix of the specified technique is created. A sample normative scale for the questionnaire has been formed. The reliability of the questionnaire was determined due to the use of the Cronbach's alpha index. The coefficient of discrimination of the method "Professional mobility of nurses" was found. Prospects for further research are seen in the regular use of the developed questionnaire "Professional mobility of nurses" among healthcare workers to actively implement and develop professional mobility to ensure proper socioeconomic stability

Keywords: professional mobility, medicine, worker, structure, inquirer