Holding fashion-competitions as a basis of future clothing designer professional training


The article on the theme "Conducting fashion-competitions as a basis for professional training of future fashion designers of the clothes" is devoted to the problems of the reforms in modern education. The aim of this work is to establish the role of students’ fashion-competitions as didactic activities to improve the quality of professional training of specialists for light industry. Based on empirical research techniques during many years’ experience in training specialists for the fashion industry in Mukachevo State University these student competitions have justified their value as a form of training in the context of the educational institution system. The methods of creative motivation used in the educational process of the university have been considered. The ways of forming the creative personality of a specialist, ready to self-development, self-education and innovation activity have been defined. It is stressed that the competitions of designers together with other creative competitions form the atmosphere of the design - environment as a necessary component of the overall educational process for training specialists. The prospects for further research have been determined.

Keywords: competitions of designers, design- education, motivation to creativity, professional formation of students