Prevention and Correction of Pedagogical Neglect Based on Research Materials of German Universities


The issue of quality training of future teachers, in particular, in the context of prevention and correction of pedagogical neglect, is one of the leading areas for discussion in the modern European educational space. This is conditioned by a number of social and political factors that to some extent negatively affect the development of children, which, in turn, complicates the learning process and requires sufficient competence from the teacher. Therefore, the study of possible measures to overcome the pedagogical neglect of adolescents is extremely relevant and requires detailed consideration, in particular on the basis of German universities and the strategies they use in training teacher students. Thus, the purpose of the study is to analyse the current mechanisms and tools for preparing students for future work with pedagogically neglected adolescents in the German higher education system. The methodological tools for the study include functional and systematic approaches, analysis and synthesis, deduction, and the method of analysis of scientific literature. The study results consist in separating the theoretical and practical foundations of the question. That is, the concepts, signs, and features of the term of pedagogical neglect of adolescents are revealed. In addition, the factors influencing the emergence of such a negative social phenomenon are considered, including approaches of German universities to the prevention and correction of the dynamics of its emergence and existence. In the future study, it would be appropriate to consider the stages of development of the phenomenon of pedagogical neglect of adolescents in Asian countries. As for the practical value of the study, it is certainly extremely high, as its results can be used in the implementation of educational reforms in Ukraine, in particular, in the context of training students and developing their competence to work with pedagogically neglected adolescents

Keywords: adolescents; teacher students; German universities; higher education; pedagogical neglect