Professional mobility and its influence on the specialist’s personal development


The article highlights the scientific position of the importance of the professional mobility, multidimensionality of its research. The necessity of the formation of professional mobility and its impact on specialist’s personal development has been grounded. Based on the analysis of scientific and theoretical views on the studied phenomenon, the article summarizes the concept of "professional mobility", which should be understood as the willingness and ability of the specialist for professional and personal development under the influence of external and internal conditions, which makes it possible to quickly navigate the demands of the market, successfully switch from one activity to another and optimally solve various professional tasks. Critical approaches to the definition of building specialist’s professional mobility taking into account the development of specific competencies have been defined; these competencies are as follows: social communicative (aimed at socialization in modern society), educational (ability for systematic scientific development), general scientific (provide deep knowledge of the chosen profile activities), value-meaningful and general cultural (willingness to provide continuous self-improvement and self-education, productive activities). The structure of the specialist’s professional mobility has been determined considering constant changes taking place in modern society, country, education and other areas of human activity. 

Keywords: mobility, professional mobility, vocational and pedagogical mobility, self-improvement, social mobility, competence