Problems of primary education in terms of rural school


The article considers the problem of primary education in rural schools, including: small class sizes, lack of necessary material and technical condition, slow informatization of educational process, improper conduct quality work with gifted primary school pupils in rural schools (due to lack of school clubs, electives, subjects of the variable part of the curriculum) teaching of some subjects by one teacher and multicomponent of rural primary school teachers’ activity, absence of large groups of children, classmates in rural schools, the lack of positive students’ motivation to learning. The concept of "village school" as a combination of different types of secondary schools that operate in rural areas and differ in the number of students, geographical location, social environment, ethnic composition, which should create favorable conditions for child’s development, national and cultural enrichment of the individual, spiritual relationships and mutual influence of socio-cultural environment has been grounded. The attention has been focused on rural ungraded schools - elementary school where teachers less than classes and each teacher works simultaneously with two or more classes. The activity of the institution should promote the development of personality as a creator and designer of life, harmonization and humanisation of relationships between students and teachers, the school and the family, guided by the idea of self-worth childhood dialogue, competent personal choice of life has been emphasized. It has been concluded that the rural school requires active intervention and help of the scientific community in solving its problems, and cooperation with local authorities and government institutions to help ensure proper training and education of children and youth, systematically and efficiently influence the child's upbringing, contribute to its positive socialization and adaptation.

Keywords: rural schools, ungraded, minority school,multicomponent of teacher’s activity