Practical training of future music teacher in the discourse of his professional and personal develop


The article highlights the importance of practical training of future teachers of music in the context of both professional and personal development of future specialist. The meaning of "practice" is revealed in terms of philosophical, psychological and educational aspects. Attention is paid to the dominance of the creative act (PRAXIS) in practice that elevates the role of man as creator, gives it a human building character. It is also noted that in general practice is an activity of transforming the world in accordance with the interests of the person, which includes creative activities that transform the world and make a decisive level of actual practice. It is determined that the most common form of socio-historical practice is the teaching practice, which involves entering a new student in the educational reality that gives him the opportunity to affirm the new status and role positions. Therefore, teaching practice – not just a means of acquiring professional knowledge and skills, but also a real social and psychological field of personal growth future teacher. The article notes that the practice as a pedagogical category, objective phenomenon of pedagogical activity is reflected in its interpretation of different angles such as: a specific form of training future professionals; a kind of practice of students; means of ensuring unity of theoretical and practical training of students to the diverse of educational activities. The guiding principle for the implementation of practical training is the Principle of pedagogical orientation that allows natural entry of a student into the future profession. The main content of teaching practice is recognized as the teaching activity. The activity approach can be shown in the practical training of cognitive and creative activity of students. The key task of teaching practice is the development of individual creative abilities of future teachers. Also, the article analyzes the character, the generalized functions of teaching practice, and it reveals the specific functions of music and teaching practice. The author of the article emphasizes the importance of the creative aspect of teaching practice, which involves the using the innovations by a future teacher-musician that is directly related to the search of new forms, methods and techniques of musical and educational activities and, therefore, opens the own professional potential of the individual student, forms his creativity. It is emphasized that teaching practice leads to a higher degree of the pedagogical creativity, invention that is provided with the creatively directed musical and educational activities. To sum up, teaching practice as a fundamental component of the educational process in higher education, the leading form of practical training of students includes significant potential for professional and personal development of future music teachers. 

Keywords: practical work, pedagogical practice, creative development, innovative music and educational activities