Multycultural upbringing of future primary teachers by means of etnopedagogics


The article deals with the problem of multicultural education of primary school teachers. The urgency of the research has been based on the changes in social and political life of the country and the situation of forming schools in multinational Transcarpathia. The scientific approaches to this issue have been solved. The role of ethnopedagogics as a factor of multicultural education of students has been defined and the peculiarities of system work due to the formation of cross-cultural values of future teachers have been outlined by the author. The work with the future professionals is built on the following principles: consistency, comparison, realism, openness and others. It was found that multicultural education of students will contribute to the establishment of a cultural identity and the understanding of the cultural differences between people. Correctness in handling of these problems involves a high degree of tolerance and willingness to intercultural dialogue and cooperation. 

Keywords: multicultural education, professional training, ethnopedagogics, systematic approach, cross-cultural values