Poly aspectiveness of practical training of future specialists in music


The article is devoted to the theoretical analysis of multidimensional nature of practical training of the future musical art specialist. Its functionality has been substantiated through a characteristics of the main functions: adaptive, teaching, educational, developmental, diagnostic etc. The emphasis has been laid on what the student-trainee during teaching practice, who performs as a music director or teacher, have to the full extent solve the psychological problems and difficulties occurring in real conditions and situations. It requires a corresponding increase of the psychological preparation level of students during theoretical training, as well as strengthening and improving relevant skills during their various teaching practices. As it has been emphasized that one of the important aspects of practical training of art faculties students of higher pedagogical educational institutions is readiness to music and performing activities. It has been noted that performing activity of the future music teacher is considered one of the most integrated, complex and diversified due to its type. The specificity of this activity is primarily associated with the ability of the future music teacher to perform vocal works as a soloist, to play the musical instrument, to be able to conduct and perform vocal-choral work with children of different age groups. Taking into an account that some of the graduate students will work in preschool educational establishments, in comprehensive schools or other cultural institutions, the requirements for their performing activities also increase. The high level of music, and, in particular, music and performing culture of the future pedagogues is a prerequisite for effective achievement of the goals they face during the working process with children. It has been concluded that teaching practice as an important component of the future musical art specialist training is an essential element in the system of higher pedagogical education. Practical training contains the reserves which should be activated in order to develop the competencies of future musical teachers to achieve their artistic and pedagogical professional excellence. This article does not fully cover all the aspects of the problem. Perspectives for further research we foresee in thorough study of methodological aspect of practical training of the future musical art specialist. 

Keywords: practical training, readiness, professional activity, music and performing activities, teaching practice, student-trainee